It’s Not Over Yet: Epstein Victim’s Lawyer Says More to Come on Court Doc Reveals

It’s Not Over Yet: Epstein Victim’s Lawyer Says More to Come on Court Doc Reveals

More information about the disturbing operation run by alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his convicted associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, will be appearing in documents yet to be released, according to the lawyer for some of Epstein’s victims.

Documents released Wednesday and Thursday have mentioned some names already linked to Epstein or others who knew him, including magician David Copperfield, pop star Michael Jackson and former President Bill Clinton.

So far, no direct accusations of abuse have been contained in the documents.

“This is just the beginning batch,” Sigrid McCawley, who represents Virginia Giuffre and other victims, told NBC News on Wednesday night.

“There’s a lot more to come,” the attorney said. “There’s a significant amount left for sure.”

McCawley said the documents will ultimately show the scope of what took place.

“And as we’ve seen, in this case, truth is stranger than fiction. So we learn more each time about how the sophisticated trafficking operation happened for so many decades and how many people were involved,” she said.

“It was vast, it was significant. And it harmed literally hundreds of young women. So you’re going to start seeing more of how that happened, who knew about it and what was going on,” McCawley said.

The documents being unsealed were part of a 2015 lawsuit Giuffre filed against Maxwell, which was settled in 2017.

McCawley said Giuffre deserves credit for not backing down in her fight against Epstein and Maxwell.

“Virginia is an incredibly strong human being. She has been through so much through this journey,” she said.

“When I started with her almost 10 years ago, she was resilient in wanting to have truth and justice,” the attorney said. “And I think that this is really a shining moment bringing light to this issue. And having people recognize what not only she went through, but so many other young individuals and having that justice and people acknowledge what happened is really powerful for her.”

Documents released Thursday focused on how underage girls were recruited to his Florida home and then urged to recruit others, according to NBC News.

A girl who was 16 or 17 at the time of her introduction to Epstein said she had no massage experience and did not understand sex was part of the job.

“Jeffrey took my clothes off without my consent the first time I met him,” she said, according to a transcript of her deposition in which her name was redacted.

Former Palm Beach police Det. Joseph Recarey, who has since died, said of 33 girls and women interviewed, most were under 18 with no massage experience.

“Each of the victims that went to the home were asked to bring their friends to the home. Some complied and some didn’t,” Recarey said.

Even in the newly released documents, some names are redacted, according to CNN.

A 2011 email sent by reporter Sharon Churcher to a redacted recipient refers to a person trafficked to “men including two of the world’s most respected politicians,” followed by a parenthetical note in which both names are redacted.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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