Not a Joke: Biden Slams Bidenomics in Super Bowl-Influenced Video, Says it’s Hard to Buy Game Day Snacks

Not a Joke: Biden Slams Bidenomics in Super Bowl-Influenced Video, Says it’s Hard to Buy Game Day Snacks

President Joe Biden won’t do a Super Bowl interview, but that’s not stopping his White House from trying to use it for propaganda.

In a social media post released Sunday that’s as cynical as it is infuriating, the president placed the blame for the soaring prices Americans are facing on everyone but himself.

But he left out the one crucial word that gives the game away.

Check out the video below:

If Americans aren’t getting as much for their money as they used to, Biden said, it’s because “some companies are trying to pull a fast one by shrinking the products little by little and hoping you won’t notice.”

He called that “SHRINKFLATION” — in a word that was spelled all in caps in the White House subtitles.

“I’ve had enough of what they call ‘SHRINKFLATION,’” he said. “It’s a ripoff.”

Now, Biden wasn’t nearly as belligerent as he was in his jaw-dropping news conference on Thursday, when he tried to convince the American public that he’s not a senile old man who’s lost touch with reality by going on national television and acting like a senile old man who’s lost touch with reality.

But he was still offensive.

And it’s important to remember the video is not an off-the-cuff news conference spurred by the bombshell of a special counsel’s report.

It’s a manufactured piece, no doubt painstakingly produced, under the watchful eye of political advisers sensitive to the nuance of each word — and it still managed to be utterly inane.

This is the same president who, during that memorable news conference, claimed preposterously that he had “put this country back on its feet.” And it wasn’t all that long ago that he was using a word that never comes up in the Super Bowl video: “Bidenomics.”

Remember this classic?

That was all the way back in August, before winter set in, saddling Americans in the northern parts of the country with heating bills even with the weather generally mild.

It was before Americans faced holidays where a Thanksgiving dinner cost 25 percent more than it did when Donald Trump was president.

It was before Christmas when Americans were reminded in sometimes surprising, stinging ways how much more they’re working to pay for the same things they’ve had before.

In his video, Biden said, “The American public is tired of being played for suckers.”

Judging by the social media response, Biden was dead on. They are tired of being played for suckers. And he’s the one they’re tired of.

A few short months ago, Biden was insulting Americans’ intelligence by using a White House video to claim “Bidenomics” was the key to their prosperity. Now he’s using a White House video to claim it’s only the greed of big business engaging in what amounts to duplicity that’s really frustrating Americans.

Maybe he could have used the Super Bowl interview he’s skipping to make the point even better?

But the argument is as transparent as it is absurd. “Bidenomics” never made an appearance in the Biden video, but it hung over the context like it hangs over Americans like a ghost every time they go to the grocery store, fill up their tank or worry about their kids’ clothes or school supplies.

It hangs over the country like the terror that must hang over Biden’s staff every time he goes in front of a camera — scripted or unscripted — that he’s about to embarrass himself again.

That was really what Biden was damning in his Super Bowl video — not some boogeyman called “shrinkflation.”

“Bidenomics” was the word he was looking for. And it’s the word that should damn his presidency.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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