‘No Bulls***’: Bongino Offers to Host GOP Debate Off Establishment Media to Talk the Real Issues

Dan Bongino thinks he could host a better debate than Fox News. And he’s probably right. “I think we should do a debate exclusively on Rumble. I’ll moderate,” the conservative commentator wrote in a Thursday post on X, formerly Twitter. “No bulls*** stuff. Pharma jab, Ukraine, China, police state bulls***, FBI targeting, and all the other stuff the media elites don’t want to talk about. Let’s do it.”

WARNING: The following tweet contains language the reader may find offensive.

If you watched Wednesday night’s Republican primary debate on Fox, you most likely came away from it feeling underwhelmed and disappointed. Instead of a constructive exchange of substantial policy platforms, the event devolved into a slugfest between several of the candidates vying for the top spot in the second tier. The top candidate was, very conspicuously, not present, although he was discussed at length.

WARNING: The following video contains language the viewer may find offensive.

The questions were bizarre. There was the UFO question that made former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie groan. And a climate change question that prompted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to say, “We’re not schoolchildren.” Not a single question about leftist indoctrination in schools or the mutilation of children in the name of gender ideology. And way too much time was spent, in my opinion, on complaining about former President Donald Trump instead of calling out the current administration. Let’s talk about the real issues — the weaponized deep state apparatus, gender ideology, and even what they are going to do about Hunter Biden. The kind of stuff they won’t talk about on cable news. YouTuber Viva Frei agreed with Bongino and suggested a total overhauling of the traditional debate format, which he called “entertaining, but not enlightening.” He called for “longer format one-on-ones with fewer candidates” and “5 minute answers to talk and explain themselves.” “We’ll see which ones run out of prepared talking points and sound clips after 30 seconds,” Frei wrote. It seems unlikely that the presidential candidates would agree to such a debate. That would require coming up with more than “90-second canned sound bites and platitudes,” in the words of Susie Wiles, a senior adviser to the Trump campaign, according to Politico. And that doesn’t seem like something anyone on that stage would be interested in. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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