NFL Player Shares Special Guest That His Wife Will Be Bringing to the Super Bowl

Super Bowl LVII was always going to be a family affair for the Kelce family. After all, brothers Travis and Jason Kelce will face off (not literally, as both play on offense) when their respective teams clash in the 57th iteration of the NFL’s biggest game of the year. Travis, a perennial Pro Bowl and All-Pro tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Jason, a perennial Pro Bowl and All-Pro center for the Philadelphia Eagles, will both be seeking their second ring, lending some extra juice to this game (One can only imagine the family dinners if one brother can flaunt two rings, and the other just one.) The two brothers joked about the pending family feud on their joint podcast, “New Heights.”

WARNING: The following audio contains language that some listeners may find offensive

Jokingly referred to as “The Kelce Bowl,” the two brothers addressed what it means to be the first pair of brothers to play against each other in the Super Bowl, as well as what, essentially, amounts to the world’s most hectic family reunion. First, how would Mother Kelce, the woman who gave birth to Travis and Jason, split the difference? “Mom is going to lose. But mom is also going to win,” Jason said. “She’s a glass (half) full woman,” Travis responded. “She’ll focus on the positive. Which is wrong. She should be there for the brother that loses. She’s a frontrunner, it’s fine,” Jason joked, before Travis told him not to “dare talk about my mother like that.” Later on in the podcast, when the Parents Kelce were brought up again, Jason actually shared that there would be one more additional “family member” joining “The Kelce Bowl.” “Are mom and dad sitting on your sideline? Are they sitting on my sideline?” Jason asked. “We do have to figure that out, because we get a certain allotment of tickets,” Travis said. He also noted that he felt like Jason would have more of a “family” vibe to his section of supporters. “I’m also bringing Kylie’s parents. I’m bringing the girls,” Jason said. Kylie is Jason’s wife and they have two daughters together. “Kylie is bringing her OB [doctor] because she’s going to be 38 weeks pregnant at the game,” Jason said. Uncle Travis could only muster a “Dude. Dude,” response to the idea of Jason bringing an obstetrician to the Super Bowl. “If she has a baby…” Travis said, trailing off. “That could be the Super Kelce Bowl!” Jason added. While Jason is a veteran of parenting, having two daughters already, one can only imagine the immense, crazy levels of pressure he must feel playing in a Super Bowl — while his wife could ostensibly give birth at any moment. With still a week before the Super Bowl, however, who knows what could happen to the Kelces? Instead of a baby being born at the Super Bowl, maybe that baby’s first visual could be seeing her dad (or uncle) hoist the Lombardi trophy. The Chiefs and Eagles will square off on Feb. 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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