NFL Adds Wokeness to Super Bowl Week, Announces LGBT-Themed ‘Night of Pride’

NFL Adds Wokeness to Super Bowl Week, Announces LGBT-Themed ‘Night of Pride’

Football is one of the few sports that Americans can enjoy that has no presence in June, which frees the NFL from turning away fans who do not want the LGBT agenda shoved in their face.

Given that the LGBT lobby has claimed the entire month for itself, other sports that operate throughout those 30 days might feel pressure to make something of “pride” month — and they do.

The NFL, an August to February sport, could easily avoid the negative feedback from fans but has decided to go another route.

The league announced Monday it will host an event with GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) during Super Bowl week next month in Las Vegas.

Apparently league officials believe nothing goes better with smash-mouth football than rainbows.

Since the NFL’s obsession with Taylor Swift apparently isn’t gay enough, the league announced in a news release it is all-in on celebrating “pride” and will be washing that down with vodka in Sin City.

The NFL said in a statement: “The National Football League (NFL) will host the third annual A Night of Pride with GLAAD presented by Smirnoff during Super Bowl week in Las Vegas, NV on Wednesday, February 7. The event will feature a special live performance with singer-songwriter VINCINT.

“A Night of Pride with GLAAD is an evening of music, cocktails and interview-style conversations with GLAAD, a non-profit organization focused on LGBTQ advocacy and cultural change. The NFL family and partners will gather to spotlight advances in the future of LGBTQ inclusion in professional sports as well the NFL’s commitment to LGBTQ former and current players.”

The NFL also said there will also be a red carpet for attendees as well as a Q&A on how “inclusion in sports advances acceptance for LGBTQ people.”

The announcement will probably make league executives some friends on the coasts, but football purists who are sick and tired of having left-wing agendas pushed on them are speaking out on the social media platform X.

It wasn’t enough for the NFL to allow its players to disrespect the country’s national anthem by kneeling, nor was it enough for the league to paint the divisive political slogan “BLACK LIVES MATTER” in end zones following the George Floyd riots of 2020.

The league apparently also felt adding a “black national anthem” would bring about unity in an increasingly divided country.

Now, league officials are celebrating a collaboration with one of the most extreme groups in the country.

There is absolutely nothing to be gained by the NFL forcing yet another woke, far-left cause on diehard fans but so much to be lost in the long run.

Lifelong fans of the sport of football can only take so much political posturing and virtue signaling before the game is simply no longer worth watching.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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