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Get the GOOD NEWS from the Bible as well as trusted news sources. Experience boots-on-the-ground journalism at its finest as we explore events going on in the U.S. and around the world. See news perspectives through a Biblical lens and celebrate our Glory Story by highlighting a “feel good” headline each weekday at 5 P.M. Eastern Time. make His Glory your trusted news source!

The War Report

Refocus on foundational principles as we stand strong for God, family, and country across the 7 mountains of His Kingdom. Fill yourself each day with understanding of current events and truth through a Biblical lens. Get informed on how to put on the full armor of God and stay prepared in these extraordinary times, unlike any other our nation has faced.

The Hannah Faulkner Show

On a mission to ignite the next generation to be bold in a world that has rejected common sense.

The Right Side Doug Billings

Doug Billings

His Glory Presents The Right Side with Doug Billings. Join us to watch the latest from Doug Billings.

Man Bear Pig

His Glory Presents Man Bear Pig. Join us to watch the latest from Clay Clark.

Beauty for ashes

His Glory Presents Beauty for Ashes. Join us to watch the latest from Tania Joy.


His Glory recaps some incredible interviews over the years of incredible Christian leaders and Patriots on the frontlines fighting for God, Family, and Country as well as great Biblical teachings that have inspired people all across the world.

Unfettered Liberty

Join Dr. Cordie Williams and David Oldham as they dive deep into government intel and analyze historical modern events happening before our very eyes, and how this affects the life and liberty of the American people. 

On the Road

His Glory: On the Road brings you face-to-face with leading personalities, influencers, and religious leaders as they come together around the country. Your inside source for the latest news and views affecting the patriot movement

America's King Davids

Dive into high-profile events through a lens of deduction and analysis. Explore the hidden depths and unknown motives behind some of the most headlining stories. We unravel the mysteries as we leave no stone unturned in our quest for truth.

America's Remnant

His Glory Presents America’s Remnant. Join us to watch the latest from Todd Coconato.