New Poll Shows How Americans Really Feel About Trump Being Booted from Colorado Ballot

New Poll Shows How Americans Really Feel About Trump Being Booted from Colorado Ballot

There’s a good chance that you either love or hate the former president, with very little wiggle room in between.

Donald Trump simply has a knack for digging deep into people’s psyches, for better and for worse.

A clear example of that comes from a fascinating — if perhaps deeply flawed — poll that found most Americans actually approve of the truly wild move by the Colorado Supreme Court to boot Trump off the 2024 ballot (speaking of deeply flawed).

The poll, released by YouGov on Wednesday, asked a simple question: “Do you approve or disapprove of the Colorado Supreme Court ruling that Donald Trump can’t appear on the state’s 2024 Republican presidential primary ballot because his actions leading up to the Jan. 6, 2021 takeover of the Capitol amount to insurrection or rebellion against the United States?”

Thirty-eight percent of respondents “strongly approved” of the Colorado decision, while 28 percent “strongly disapproved” of the decision.

Those polar opposite answers represented the majority of the people polled, proving Trump is eliciting as strong a response as he ever has.

Another 16 percent of respondents said they “somewhat approved” of the decision, making for a total of 54 percent who support kicking Trump off the ballot. A total of 40 percent disapproved of the move.

Now, before delving a bit further into this quagmire, it’s worth pointing out one significant factor: The YouGov poll surveyed 3,492 U.S. adults.

That’s… not a particularly large sample size.

This isn’t to summarily dismiss these results — there’s still plenty to glean from this poll — but it is worth pointing out.

Back to the results of the poll itself: Regionally, it makes total sense.

Of the 38 percent who strongly approved of kicking Trump off the ballot, the highest concentrations came from the deep-blue Northeast and Gavin Newsom’s West. In both regions, 42 percent of those polled strongly approved of Trump’s removal.

Of those polled in the Midwest, 41 percent strongly approved of the Colorado decision, which makes sense given the purple hue that the region is rapidly turning. Less than a third of those polled in the South strongly approved of the move.

The inverse holds true when looking at those who strongly disapproved: 24 percent in the Northeast, 26 percent in the West, 28 percent in the Midwest and 31 percent in the South.

Again, Team Trump should take these results with a grain of salt given the sample size, but they may also want to take a second glance at two bothersome signs.

Men largely disapproved of Trump’s removal, while women were more approving (42 percent of women strongly approved versus 33 percent of men, while 33 percent of men strongly disapproved versus 24 percent of women).

Additionally, among black adults polled, 62 percent approved of kicking Trump off the ballot against a meager 19 percent who disapproved.

Issues with black and women voters are hardly new for Republicans in general.

That being said, whatever problems may exist for Trump in the electorate may not matter when the man he will most likely face in a hypothetical 2024 general election, President Joe Biden, is an incompetent and allegedly corrupt octogenarian.

At the end of the day, it can’t be understated: The activists masquerading as a “supreme court” in the Centennial State have opened a Pandora’s box that could unravel the very fabric of American democracy.

That may sound melodramatic, but it’s not. A man convicted of nothing and perfectly qualified to run for president is being barred from ballots by four judges stretching the 14th Amendment and the definition of the word “insurrection” way past the breaking point.

And for any gleeful leftists parading this YouGov poll around as some sort of “gotcha” — what does it say about your team that the Republicans’ “insurrectionist” is beating your incumbent right now?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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