New Outlet Store Rocked by Brazen Shoplifting Just 2 Weeks After Opening for Business

New Outlet Store Rocked by Brazen Shoplifting Just 2 Weeks After Opening for Business

As long as the Biden Administration, Democratic Party and liberals remain in charge, the world will become ever more dangerous for honest, hard-working people. Criminals, on the other hand, will have it good.

The reason is simple: Danger and fear give them power and control over our lives. That is what they want. Once unleashed, it is hard to turn society around.

An example of this is a recent robbery by a man and a woman at a new Tanger Outlet center in Antioch, Tennessee.

According to WSMV-TV, Metro Nashville Police said a pair of thieves made off with thousands of dollars worth of designer merchandise Sunday, less than a month after the store opened.

A man and woman wearing medical masks and beanies were seen on cellphone and surveillance video running out of a Michael Kors store with the pricey jackets and handbags, according to the report.

One intrepid store employee was seen in the video trying to hold the doors closed, then yelling “Stop!” and yanking back some of the merchandise as the pair exited the store, in a scenario that has become all too common at retail stores across the nation.

President Joe Biden’s regime supports and rewards criminals through their non-action, wrist slaps and compliant policy initiatives.

As a result, the thieves are not frightened, leaving everyone else to be. Customers are also no longer delusional in thinking that this situation will get any better under the Democratic leadership.

This has caused many to become accepting of the looting, merely wanting more security around them as it occurs. That is the case of Dorea Fitzgerald, who has lived in the community for 15 years and refuses to let the incident stop her from shopping at the outlets.

She told WSMV, “I feel like it’s part of the holiday season,” then continued, “People are going to steal. That is what it is. I’m not concerned.”

Not only is this response sad, it also opens the door for the next level of crime to walk through.

By becoming content with this new societal low, people who accept a rising incidence of crime are helping to usher in a horrifying new norm that strips us of a country worth living in.

Crime will have ruined everything it lays its filthy hands on. It will take an army to gain control of it, not merely additional police, something Janice Green would like to see installed at the new Tanger Outlet.

Having gone to the outlet to shop with her daughter, Green told WSMV, “You think they’d wait a while and let them get settled first,” Green said. “It wouldn’t hurt to have a little bit of security for a while, anyway.”

These thieves belong in jail. The outlet deserves to be able to operate without cause for concern. And shoppers deserve to partake in enjoying their shopping experience.

It seems we carry on more like a Third-World nation every day.

The Tanger outlet manager told WSMV, “We will continue ongoing communication with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department and retailer security counterparts to share information and data to support our programs and protocol.”

I’m sure that they will, but what about the rest of the nation struggling with the same thing? We can’t allow this to become the new normal.

The answer is to vote into power leaders who are neither soft on crime nor reflective of the destructive Democratic ideology reigning over the United States today. Republicans need to regain control of government, including the Oval Office. That is the only way.



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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