New ‘MLB The Show’ Forces Women Into Major League Baseball

New ‘MLB The Show’ Forces Women Into Major League Baseball

The newest edition of “Road to the Show” is paved with gender diversity, and for some fans of the video game franchise “MLB: The Show,” it is a foul ball.

New wrinkles designed to tap potential customers are at the heart of every consumer experience, and so “MLB The Show 24” came out with “Road the Show: Women Pave Their Way.”

The marketing approach is obvious in a promotional trailer in which a young woman who has dreams of playing baseball lives them out through the game, then stuffs the game in a backpack with a bat poking out from it.

“For the first time ever, you can create and play as a female ballplayer, with a unique Road to the Show story that evolves with the player over the course of your career,” The Show posted on its website.


“This path will include all existing features of Road to the Show with the addition of a unique-to-women storyline following a lifelong friendship as it develops in professional baseball,” the site said.

The experiment in niche marketing struck out, several Twitter posters declared.

Outkick’s Ian Miller offered a less-than-enthusiastic commentary about the venture.

“Obviously, this is a very common career path for women, especially considering that the average fastball velocity around the league has now reached 94mph,” he wrote.

“It’s unclear whether or not the game will depict female pitchers as being capable of throwing upwards of 100mph or say, hitting 470 foot home runs like Aaron Judge.”

Miller called the game “a confusing addition to a video game that’s come [into] criticism based on its graphical performance being stuck on the previous generation of consoles.”

“Was there a massive demand for spending valuable hours building this new feature into the game at the expense of other, more realistic, changes?” he wrote, adding one last dig.

“MLB better hope that the developers didn’t lean too far into the realism by incorporating the league’s new see-through pants for its female characters.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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