Netflix Show for Preschoolers Shows Children Attending Gay Wedding – It All Makes Sense When You Look at Who Produced It

Netflix Show for Preschoolers Shows Children Attending Gay Wedding – It All Makes Sense When You Look at Who Produced It

Netflix is once again pushing ultra-woke, left-wing agendas on children, and this time with the assistance of one of America’s most dangerous former presidents, Barack Obama.

The latest episode of the cartoon series “Ada Twist, Scientist,” is treating preschool children to a gay wedding starring the voices of “Star Trek” actor George Takei and “Half Baked” actor Guillermo Diaz.

The cartoon series, which is in its fourth season, is described this way: “Ada Twist, an eight-year-old black scientist, explores people through scientific discovery, collaboration and friendship with the help of her two best friends, Rosie and Iggy.”

The show is aimed at pre-teens and is executive produced by Barack and Michelle Obama with their Higher Ground Productions. It won an Emmy for Outstanding Preschool Animated Series in 2022.

The descriptions of the four main characters are telling. Ada is a black “intellectual 9-year-old girl, and a scientist. She’s smart, kindhearted, sensitive, and always sweet.” Ada’s sidekick is Rosie Revere, an “energetic 7-year-old girl, and an engineer.” The newest member of the team is Benny B, “an optimistic 10-year-old boy” who is a “technician,” and who “always comes up with great ideas.” Benny is also a black child.

Oh, and there is a white boy character too. That would be Iggy Peck, who is described as “a fearful 8-year-old boy” who is “extremely nervous.”

So, we have “intellectual” and “energetic” girls, an “optimistic” engineer boy who is black, and a “fearful” and “nervous” white boy.

Like in the PBS series “Arthur,” back in 2019, the episode, which first aired in April, entitled, “Blue River Wedding,” features a gay wedding. In the episode, the Ada crew help Sensei Dave and mixed-martial arts champion Jiu Jitsu Joe prepare for their wedding.

But as a tornado bears down on their town, Ada and her crew use their science skills to come to the gay men’s aid.

There is no subtlety at all about the characters. In one scene, for instance, Takei’s Sensei Dave tells Ada that Jiu Jitsu Joe is “the undisputed champion of my heart,” according to Mombian.

The two characters also kiss each other several times during the episode, and after the wedding ceremony, the cake is shown as being a rainbow layer cake.

The indispensable Libs of Tik Tok alerted parents to the episode, writing, “Received this from a parent who let her kids watch it as it’s a popular show and she says she was shocked and horrified to see this and wouldn’t let her children watch it anymore. This is supposed to be a show about science!”

Conservative radio host Christopher Calvin Reid also blasted the Obama-produced series.

“Anyone who claimed to be a Christian and supported Obama… look at what he is doing to promote Trans ideology to kids! Never vote for democrats for any office. They will always make things worse. Republicans have issues, but the worst Republican is 1,000 times better than a Dem!” he wrote.

Others also chimed in to blast the series which, like others, is pushing the radical LGBT agenda on small children.

Shari Wagoner posted to X saying, “Disgusting! Wouldn’t you know the Obama’s are the executive producers of this grooming garbage,” according to Newsweek.

And X user @jamieroderickmc added, “This is the brave new world envisioned by the Obamas? This is their improvement over traditional America? What absolute, pathetic frauds.”

More Americans than ever are getting sick and tired of having the radical gay and transgender agendas pushed on even the smallest of children. Americans are fed up with liberals grooming their young children for sexual contact with adults.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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