Netanyahu Warns Hamas This Is the ‘The End’ as ‘Leaked’ Video Seems to Show Surrendering Terrorists

Netanyahu Warns Hamas This Is the ‘The End’ as ‘Leaked’ Video Seems to Show Surrendering Terrorists

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued a stern warning to Hamas terrorists: It’s over and you’re better off surrendering.

Netanyahu made the comments on Sunday, according to The Times of Israel, and the remarks come as a shocking “leaked” video began making the rounds on social media on Saturday.

The video in question purports to show Hamas operatives, all in their underwear, grouped together in a war-torn street in northern Gaza Strip.

In the video, one of the Hamas members slowly separates from the group, holding up a rifle and what appears to be a handgun (or some smaller weapon), and places both in front of Israel Defense Forces members.

You can watch the clip for yourself below:

“Leaked footage from the northern Gaza Strip today shows an apparent Hamas operative slowly placing an assault rifle on the ground, as dozens of Palestinian men surrendered to IDF troops,” Times of Israel military correspondent Emanuel Fabian posted to X early Saturday.

That video hit social media just days after a Thursday viral post showed more purported Hamas operatives surrendering.

The Thursday post similarly showed a number of Hamas members in their underwear, huddled together in a decimated street:

In the wake of those videos, Netanyahu is pressing the psychological advantage and verbally running down Hamas.

“In the past few days, dozens of Hamas terrorists have surrendered before our forces. They put down their weapons and turn themselves over to our brave fighters,” Netanyahu said via video, per The Times.

Netanyahu added that while there is still fighting left to be done, he thinks the war has reached its endgame.

“It will take more time, the war is still in full force, but this is the beginning of the end of Hamas,” he noted.

The prime minister than directly spoke to Hamas, while referencing the group’s Gaza chief, Yahya Sinwar: “I say to the terrorists of Hamas: It’s over. Don’t die for Sinwar. Surrender now.”

You can watch Netanyahu’s untranslated remarks below:

Netanyahu’s message was echoed by Israeli government representative Eylon Levy, who posted to X on Sunday that “Hamas’ grip on power is crumbling.”

This latest conflict began Oct. 7, when Hamas terrorists launched a brutal and barbaric invasion of southern Israel, killing countless innocent women and children in the process.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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