‘He Needs to Go’: Fetterman Throws ‘Sinister’ Dem Colleague Under the Bus While on ‘The View’

‘He Needs to Go’: Fetterman Throws ‘Sinister’ Dem Colleague Under the Bus While on ‘The View’

I never thought I would say this, but the slobbiest senator in the Democratic Party may also be the one with the most common sense — at least on some issues.

During an appearance Friday on “The View,” Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, of the “inappropriate dress code” fame, was asked about the House’s recent expulsion of Republican Rep. George Santos of New York over alleged campaign finance violations.

While Fetterman could have used it as a chance to score political points, he instead turned the focus to corruption within Democratic ranks.

Specifically, Fetterman called out Democrat Sen.Robert Menendez of New Jersey, who was indicted for allegedly accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, including cash, gold bars and a luxury convertible, in exchange for using his official position to benefit businessmen and the government of Egypt, according to NorthJersey.com.

In October, Menendez was charged with conspiring to act as an agent of the Egyptian government, violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act. The indictment claims Menendez took actions on behalf of Egypt, including its military and intelligence officials. Menendez, who denies the allegations, is also facing prior bribery charges involving cash, gold bars and a luxury car, according to the Associated Press.

“Well, it’s like — I’m not surprised [about Santos],” Fetterman said. “But to me, I think that the more important picture is that we have a colleague in the Senate that actually did much more sinister and serious kind of things — Sen. Menendez,” he added.

“He needs to go,” Fetterman said, “and if you are going to expel Santos, how can you allow somebody like Menendez to remain in the Senate?”

“And, you know, Santos … his kind of lies are almost funny… he landed on the moon, and that kind of stuff,” Fetterman said, referring to the fact that, according to media reports, the now-ousted Congressman had fabricated nearly every detail of his background, including his education, work history and even family heritage, according to the New York Intelligencer.

“Whereas, you know, I think, you know, Menendez, I think is really a senator for Egypt, not New Jersey,” Fetterman told the hosts of “The View.” “So I really think he needs to go, and especially it’s kind of strange that if Santos is not allowed to remain in the House, you know, someone like that …”

Perhaps taken aback by the direct attack on a fellow Democrat, “The View” cohost Sunny Hostin attempted to suggest that Menendez should not be ousted until he is convicted — although she did not suggest the same treatment for Santos, who similarly has never been convicted for his alleged crimes.

While some in the Democrat party have called for Menendez to resign, according to NBC News, there has not been any move to oust him from the party, despite his alleged egregious crimes.

“Are you, though, uncomfortable with the fact there’s not been adjudication?” Hostin asked, conveniently forgetting that Santos, too, had not been convicted of anything. “That while he has been charged, there hasn’t been a conviction?”

But Fetterman wasn’t backing down.

“I am, I am, and it’s like, he has the right for his day in court and all that, but he doesn’t have the right to have those kind of votes and things that — that’s not a right. And I think we need to make that kind of decision to send him out,” he said.

Turning Point CEO Charlie Kirk tweeted, “Whatever drugs they’re giving John Fetterman to start making sense, please start giving them to Joe Biden.”

Fetterman is right about one thing: While one may debate whether ousting a sitting lawmaker sets a bad precedent, if there is one lawmaker who really should be ousted, it’s a senator who is accused of working for another country. The allegations against Santos are much more minor in comparison.

Fetterman’s willingness to call out corruption in his own party is a breath of fresh air and a stark change from the clannish behavior Democrats generally display.

For someone who is frequently criticized for his strange behavior, this once, Fetterman’s words spoke louder than his actions.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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