Nearly Identical Strangers with Same Name and Career Take DNA Test, Make Surprising Discovery

There are two Brady Feigls. Both are Minor League Baseball pitchers. They each had the same surgery and even used the same surgeon. If they were to put on identical eyeglasses, they might easily be mistaken for the same person. As it is, their looks are so similar that one often is confused with the other. Moreover, each man is 6 feet 4 inches tall and has red hair. Their commonalities were so striking that the young men decided to take a DNA test, according to the New York Post. To their surprise, the results showed they were not related. One of the men is 27 and pitched for the Las Vegas Aviators and Midland RockHounds in 2021, and the other is 32 and played for the Long Island Ducks last season. Both pitchers have played for several teams in their careers. The doppelgängers learned of one another in 2015 when they’d each had elbow surgery with orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews. The younger Feigl told the Clarion Ledger, a Mississippi media outlet, in 2018: “I was probably six or seven months out of surgery, and their [Dr. Andrews’] office called our trainer and said, ‘Hey, when’s Brady reporting for surgery? Is he getting down here tomorrow?’” “He was like, ‘He had it six months ago. What are you talking about?’ That’s how I found out there was two of us,” the younger Feigl said. The Ledger reported the two Feigls again were confused in 2017 when University of Mississippi marketing graduate assistant Mary Claire Hamner tagged the younger Feigl, who was pitching for the Ole Miss Rebels at the time, in a birthday greeting from the school’s baseball Twitter account. “Someone responded, ‘That’s not the right Brady,'” Hamner told the Ledger. “I was thinking, ‘You’re wrong.'” As it turned out, she had tagged the older Feigl, who then was playing for the Frisco RoughRiders. Realizing her error, Hamner said, “I’m just astounded. Like there’s no way I made this mistake. “But they (her bosses) also can’t get mad at me for making the mistake.” UK media outlet The Sun reported that Brady Matthew Feigl, the younger man, is from Maryland and Brady Gregory Feigl is from Missouri. Despite test results confirming they are unrelated, the pair still feel bonded, according to the Sun. The older Feigl told the outlet, “We’re still brothers in a way. And we’ll always be Brady Feigl.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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