NBA Team Deletes Video and Issues Groveling Apology After Players Give Conservative Women’s History Month Answers

Republicans (and conservatives) not only buy Air Jordans, too, but many still watch the NBA and are fans of the league. So it’s truly astounding to watch the NBA, in real time, try so hard to drive many of those fans away by pandering to the fringe left, pandering to LeBron James, pandering to Dr. Fauci sycophants, and pandering to whatever flavor of the month leftists are enamored with at the moment. Even the NFL, once a hotbed of national anthem protests, has largely appeared to right the ship when it comes to “woke” nonsense pervading professional sports. But not the NBA, and a recent incident involving the Toronto Raptors is excruciating evidence of that. The Raptors found themselves in the midst of perhaps one of the dumbest, most contrived controversies in recent history after posting a completely benign, innocuous video celebrating Women’s History Month. The video was apparently so offensive, so rife with ill intent, that it prompted a groveling apology from the team. “We’re an organization that prides itself on doing the right thing when it comes to inclusion and representation, and we made a mistake,” a team statement via the Toronto Sun reads. “Our sincerest apologies to our players, our staff and our fans — we’ll work to do better today and every day after.” The original video was taken down, though it’s certainly still available online. So what, pray tell, prompted such a pathetic apology? Take a look for yourself below: The video begins annoyingly enough, with the text, “Beyonce said girls run the world. Why do you think that’s true?” A trio of Raptors players then share why they think “girls run the world.” “Girls run the world because…” big man Precious Achiuwa begins. “They’re the only [ones] that can procreate,” guard Malachi Flynn says in the subsequent cut. “They birth everybody,” Achiuwa adds as the video cuts back to him. The video then ends with prospect Scottie Barnes saying, “All women are great because they’re all queens.” Sure, why not? Now, if you watched that clip and scratched your head as to why it necessitated an apology, you wouldn’t be the only one. From what I can gather, leftists appear to be in one of two tribes when it comes to why the video was so horribly offensive: the tribe that hates God, and the tribe that hates women. To the tribe that hates God, suggesting that only women can give birth is an outrageous offense because it directly contradicts the way they are trying to subvert God’s created order. According to that tribe, men can get pregnant and give birth. And yet, as pathetic as that tribe is, the tribe that hates women is almost worse. Because that tribe, largely consisting of radical feminists, apparently hates the idea that women have been blessed with the innate and unique ability to shepherd new life into the world. It’s something women should be proud of. You’d think it’s something feminists would champion. But they resent that gift. As far as most sane people are concerned, the Raptors’ video was completely inoffensive, if a little cringe-worthy. Many of the Twitter comments are along the lines of, “Why did they delete and apologize for that?” [firefly_poll] There is a bit of good news to glean from this. It’s that, while corporations bend the knee to the woke minority, most ordinary people still seem to have their heads on straight. This gender identity nonsense is almost exclusively a Western phenomenon that many people haven’t bought into at all. (It’s worth noting that Achiuwa was born and raised in Nigeria. Why are the woke leftists imposing their culture on him?) The Raptors next play on Saturday when they travel to Washington, D.C., to face the Wizards. We’ll see if they can make it to that game without accidentally telling people that men can’t get pregnant or have periods. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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