Native Wolf with Target on His Head Kills Elite’s Personal Pony – Will He Outplay Death Squads Before the Kill Order Expires?

In a story straight out of an old Bavarian fairy tale, one of Germany’s native wolves killed a European elite’s personal pony and now has a target on its head. Politico reported on Jan. 2 that a wolf identified as GW950m killed Dolly, the prized horse of Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, on Sept. 1 at her compound in the German state of Lower Saxony. Now there is a kill order out on the wolf. Apparently, GW950m already had been identified as a troublesome wolf, as DNA evidence linked the animal to a dozen other killings throughout Germany. Authorities said the killing of von der Leyen’s horse, therefore, had nothing to do with the decision to target the wolf. In fact, the death warrant was issued Aug. 31, the day before Dolly’s demise. There is still hope for GW950m. While currently a fugitive, he only needs to survive until Jan. 31, at which point the kill order expires. Politico reported Tuesday that the wolf remained alive. The outlet has created a countdown clock for the death warrant’s expiration at Many have found the whole situation comedic, with some expressing hope that the animal will be able to outrun the death squads and survive. A few weeks after her pony was killed, von der Leyen called for the European Commission to re-evaluate the rules protecting wolves in Europe. “There have been numerous reports of wolf attacks on animals and of increased risk to local people,” she wrote to lawmakers, according to the German daily Taz. “Understandably, this situation raises questions in the affected regions about whether the current protection status of wolves is justified.” What makes the situation interesting is that European farmers have been saying this same thing for years. According to the U.K.’s Telegraph, farmers have complained about wolves threatening their livestock and livelihoods as the predators have seen a 36 percent increase in their population since 2016. The farmers have demanded that the laws protecting wolves be relaxed. European lawmakers, however, have ignored their pleas and enforced the laws protecting the wolves. However, now that a European Union elite has been harmed by this policy, they are looking at relaxing the rules. [firefly_poll] That’s the thing about the elites: They often implement policies that do harm to the livelihoods of ordinary people, but when they themselves feel the effects of those policies, they want them reviewed. Whether it is a policy on wolves, illegal immigration, crime or climate change, the elites don’t seem to care about how it affects ordinary citizens; they just don’t want to be affected by it themselves. Leftist politicians had no problem with illegal immigrants until they showed up on their doorstep in Martha’s Vineyard. They had no problem with defunding the police until their lives were hampered by crime. In a similar way, Ursula von der Leyen had no problem with wolves running amok throughout Europe killing the livestock of European farmers — but how dare that wolf touch her prized pony! Let’s face it: Elites largely make laws to benefit themselves regardless of the cost to ordinary citizens. If the laws start to become inconvenient for them, they will just get rid of them. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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