Nathan Wade’s Cellphone Data May Have Just Blown Huge Hole in Fani Willis’ Story: Claim

Nathan Wade’s Cellphone Data May Have Just Blown Huge Hole in Fani Willis’ Story: Claim

A Friday court filing by former President Donald Trump’s defense team in the Georgia election interference case claimed that the embattled special prosecutor and the district attorney who hired him met at the latter’s condo roughly three dozen times prior to early 2022, when both have claimed their romantic relationship had begun.

The filing includes an affidavit from defense investigator Charles Mittelstadt who said his analysis of cellphone data subpoenaed from AT&T indicated that Nathan Wade visited Fani Willis’ home “at least 35 times prior to when they claim their relationship began,” The Hill and various other outlets reported Friday.

Willis and Wade have both admitted to the relationship, but have testified under oath that it began in early 2022 and lasted no more than 18 months, ending last summer.

Trump and other defendants want the case thrown out, arguing that the relationship created a conflict of interest and that both the DA and the prosecutor she hired have attempted to mislead the court.

You can read the entire filing, including the affidavit from the investigator, below.

Trump Supplemental Exhibit Wade Cellphone Data by The Western Journal on Scribd

The two sides have argued about when the romance began, a key point in Judge Scott McAfee’s decision about whether to disqualify Wade, Willis or both from the case, according to The Hill.

The defense has claimed that the two began seeing each other romantically before Nov. 1, 2021, when Wade’s contract with Fulton County began.

According to the reports and affidavit filed with the court on Friday, however, Wade visited Willis at her condo numerous times prior to that date.

“This conservative analysis using the above referenced modality revealed a minimum of 35 occasions when Mr. Wade’s phone connected for an extended period to either one of those towers in closest proximity to the Dogwood address based upon associated data use, voice calls or text messages,” Mittelstadt wrote.

“The data reveals he is stationary and not in transit,” he added.

Trump attorney Steve Sadow last week asked Wade what how he would describe phone records that showed him at Willis’ condo prior to Nov. 1, 2021, and Wade said any such record would be “wrong.”

“So, if phone records were to reflect that you were making phone calls from the same location as the condo before Nov. 1 of 2021, and it was on multiple occasions, the phone records would be wrong?” Sadow asked, according to The Hill.

“If phone records reflected that, yes, sir,” Wade responded. “They’d be wrong.”

Wade admitted to having visited Willis’ condo prior to being hired by her as a special prosecutor, but said he had “never” spent the night there — Willis testified to the same thing — and that he hadn’t been there more than 10 times.

An unnamed source described as “close to Willis” told CBS News that the prosecution was looking for ways to challenge the defense team’s interpretation of the cellphone data, including looking for an expert witness to conduct a separate analysis of the data.

“The interpretation of the data is not what you think it is,” the source told CBS.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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