Multiple Recent Polls Reveal What Americans Really Think About Illegal Aliens, Biden’s Border Crisis

Multiple Recent Polls Reveal What Americans Really Think About Illegal Aliens, Biden’s Border Crisis

Americans are increasingly becoming both highly alarmed and greatly infuriated by the border crisis that President Joe Biden has created and strong majorities are not only laying the blame on Biden but favoring tougher actions to be implemented against illegal border crossers.

A series of polls from various polling groups taken together show that Americans are sick and tired of the law breaking occurring on our borders and despondent over Biden’s failed stewardship of our immigration system.

Rasmussen, for instance, found that most people feel that the illegal alien issue is a very serious problem and they also favor the Republicans over the Democrats to handle the issue.

In its poll taken at the end of November, Rasmussen found that 81 percent of likely voters say that the border has become a serious problem. Fifty-two percent went so far as to say it is a “very” serious problem, Newsmax reported.

On the other hand, only a tiny 16 percent don’t feel that illegal immigration is a problem.

As to which party voters think can handle it better, 49 percent — up two points since August — say that Republicans are more trusted to fix the problem while only 37 percent favor Democrats, and 14 percent say they aren’t sure.

The news is even worse for Democrats with independent voters as 51 percent of independents say they favor the GOP while only a small 23 percent say the Democrats can better handle the problem.

In another poll, Rasmussen found that a majority of Americans think that the Democrats absolutely are implementing a “great replacement” of Americans by importing millions of illegals into this country to replace and dilute the power of real citizens.

As the left continues to holler that the “great replacement” theory is a false “conspiracy theory” spun by dangerous right-wingers, it appears that the left has lost this argument and based on the actual results they are witnessing in their daily loves, most Americans believe the “conspiracy.”

As Newsmax noted, the “Great replacement” is being implemented by “globalists” to “change the demographics of Western countries through immigration, interracial marriage, reducing the birth rate, and other means.”

The theory has support from notable figures. Vivek Ramaswamy recently said that the theory “is not some grand, right-wing conspiracy theory but a basic statement of the Democratic Party’s platform.”

The Wednesday Rasmussen poll shows that most Americans agree with Ramaswamy — 57 percent agree that the Democrats are implementing a replacement of Americans with illegals. Only 33 percent feel this is not happening.

Meanwhile a poll commissioned by Fox News revealed that 67 percent favor deporting illegals back to their home countries. Only 28 percent oppose mass deportations.

In the poll, Fox News also found that 79 percent feel that Biden’s border crisis is a problem while only 20 percent feel it is only a minor problem.

That includes 34 percent who say it is an emergency and another 45 percent who say it is a major problem (amounting to 79 percent who feel it is a big problem).

The Fox News report also noted that Americans are increasingly worried about the border crisis and want something to be done about it all. In February, only 58 percent thought that the federal government needs to step up mass deportation efforts. But in this latest poll, that number soared to 67 percent. That is almost a ten-point shift and shows that Americans are getting angrier by the month over Biden’s failures.

The tidal wave of illegals is showing no signs of ebbing, either. On Dec. 19 it was reported that Customs and Border Protection sources reported that the record for the number of illegals encountered by agents was shattered with 12,600 in a single 24-hour period. And that is just the number they caught and briefly detained — after which they were just let to walk in unopposed, anyway.

It remains to be seen if this issue will help propel Republicans into a larger majority or help elect a Republican president, but if the border crisis continues to grow and American voters continue to remain frustrated and alarmed, it could — and should — become a preeminent issue next November.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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