MTG Goes Off on the GOP: Voters ‘Sick and Tired of Republicans’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia went off on her Republican colleagues in the House while speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill on Friday. The Georgia Republican told CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju that her party is beginning to test the patience of conservative voters as most Republican elected officials are more concerned with posturing rather than leading the fight against Democrats and their policies. “Republican voters across the country are sick and tired of Republicans because they never do anything to hold this government accountable,” Greene said in a video Raju shared on his X account Monday. She added, “Republicans go out on the campaign trail and go on TV and do their five-minute hearing videos and posts up on social media and say all this garbage about how they’re going to fight it and stop it.” Greene went on to tell Raju that she is “sick” of her colleagues and she does not feel she is alone. “Well, I feel like many of the American people that think that Republicans in Congress completely failed them,” she said. “I feel the same way, and I’m a Republican member of Congress.” According to Raju, the congresswoman also warned House Speaker Mike Johnson that Republican voters will be “absolutely furious” if he supports another aid package that sends billions of additional dollars to Ukraine. It was the second time in a week that Greene unleashed on members of her caucus. She also lashed out Thursday almost two dozen House Republicans voted against her measure to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib for anti-Semitism following comments the Michigan Democrat has made since Hamas killed 1,500 people in terrorist attacks on Israel last month. Greene shared the names of those who voted against censuring Tlaib and accused them of essentially engaging in performance art. “Our country is in the worst crisis in its history in every category and the Democrats are full-blown communists and Republicans can’t even censure Rashida Tlaib,” she said in a lengthy thread on X. The congresswoman added, “Conservatives on this list hide behind excuses with their white wigs on and quote the constitution.” “They claim the reason they voted with the Democrats to table my censure resolution against Rashida Tlaib is bc her full blown support of Hamas, w/words and actions, is her ‘free speech’, yet they are unwilling to use Congress’s free speech, which is censure, to condemn her!” Greene continued. In a separate post, she said, “The American people are so disgusted with Republicans who never do a damn thing to stop the injustices constantly committed by Washington. They have no faith or confidence in Republicans to ever hold anyone accountable.” Greene concluded that while the country crumbles, her party will “do nothing.”
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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