MSNBC Guest Breaks the Bad News to Anti-Trump Viewers: Here’s What Comes After Removal of Fani Willis

MSNBC Guest Breaks the Bad News to Anti-Trump Viewers: Here’s What Comes After Removal of Fani Willis

MSNBC guest commentator Caroline Polisi threw a monkey wrench in the left’s desperate hopes for sending former President Donald Trump to jail over the Fani Willis case in Georgia.

Polisi, a defense attorney, was invited onto the left-wing “news” network after Georgia Judge Scott McAfee threw out some of the charges Fulton County District Attorney Willis tried to level against Trump in her supposed voting interference case against the former president.

Judge McAfee threw out a number of the charges Willis tried to bring in his decision on Wednesday as he continues to mull whether Willis should be pulled off the case entirely, Fox News reported.

Georgians are still waiting for McAfee’s decision on whether to disqualify Willis from the Trump case, but it appears that the case is falling apart, regardless.

For her part, Polisi told MSNBC that Judge McAfee’s ruling could be a “death knell” for Willis’ case against Trump.

To set up Polisi’s comments, MSNBC anchor Ana Cabrera tried to characterize Judge McAfee’s decision as good for Willis, saying, “I just wonder if [McAfee] would go there. If he would dismiss charges if he’s planning to throw out the case or remove it from Fani Willis altogether as we await that decision over the question about whether there was misconduct with her relationship with Nathan Wade.”

But Polisi swatted Cabrera’s rosy view aside.

“It shouldn’t have anything to do with it,” Polisi said of Judge McAfee’s actions.

“These are completely distinct legal issues, and certainly his decision on the disqualification as we all know does not kill the case in and of itself,” she explained. “He wouldn’t dismiss the indictment. It would just be reassigned to sort of a governing body in Georgia to then be reassigned.”

“I myself feel and many other people feel that that would, in effect, essentially be the death knell for this case because, you know, another time when Fani Willis was, removed from a case for, in this very case, for a conflict of interest, that case is still languishing at that body,” she noted.

Indeed, as Polisi pointed out, when Willis was removed from another election case, that case ended up sitting in the prosecutor’s office gathering dust and has not been reassigned to any other prosecutor. So, the case has essentially become a dead letter.

The Daily Caller explained, “Willis was previously barred from organizing a prosecution in 2020 against Georgia Lieutenant Gov. Burt Jones, who was campaigning for his office at the time, due to Willis hosting a fundraiser for Charlie Bailey, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor,” NBC News reported. Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney reportedly decided that Willis’ participation in the event was ‘harmful’ to investigating Jones, who allegedly attempted to flip the 2020 election results through an alternate slate of electors.”

“It hasn’t been reassigned yet,” Polisi said of the case from which Willis was removed.

With that case resulting in a stalled prosecution, Polisi surmised that if Willis is pulled from the Trump case, that one, too, will end up sitting on the table and left unaddressed.

She then extrapolated about the Trump case, adding, “I don’t know that there are many other prosecutors in the state of Georgia that would want to take on this case, that have the resources, the expertise. And so, this, you know, could be sort of death by a thousand cuts for, for this case.”

Willis is also caught up in another embarrassing case, one that just might result in charges of corruption leveled against her as she seems to have misled everyone about when she became romantically involved with Nathan Wade, the man she hired to work as a special prosecutor in the DA’s office.

Both Willis and Wade have denied they were involved at the time Willis hired him, but cellphone records detailed in court tell a different story, with thousands of calls and texts between the two long before Willis said they became intimate.

Willis is facing pressures outside the courtroom, as well. This month she found herself facing two announced opponents for her race for re-election to the district attorney’s office.

So, while this is all very bad news for the leftists at MSNBC, it might end up being good news for both Trump and Georgia, because all this might lead to the end of Fani Willis’ influence over the Fulton County DA’s office.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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