MSNBC Anchor Faces the Wrath of Leftists for Pointing Out the Obvious in Fetterman and Oz’s Debate Performance

For most objective people, it was impossible to watch the debate between potential Pennsylvania senators Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz and not think that Fetterman was going through a disastrous night. Even if you thought that Fetterman “won” the Tuesday night debate, it certainly wasn’t by any demonstrable margin. And if you thought he lost? Well, maybe don’t mention that lest you want to face the full onslaught of hyper-partisan Dem supporters. Look no further than MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell, who was subjected to a torrid verbal assault after daring to say Fetterman may not have won the debate. “Dr. Oz was so much more polished,” Mitchell said the day after the debate. You can see MSNBC’s breakdown and analysis of the debate below: But apparently, even noting that Oz was more “polished” was enough to invoke the ire of the staunchest Democrat supporters. One user accused Mitchell of having friends in high places at MSNBC: “Funny Andrea I don’t always understand what you’re saying. It takes you forever to get a sentence out. You get stuck in your thoughts all the time,” another Twitter user said. One Twitter user even dug up an older video clip of Mitchell, where she appeared to be struggling to stay awake during a segment: From all indications, Mitchell’s criticisms of Fetterman’s debate performance were broad and not particularly biting. Had she really wanted to maliciously attack Fetterman, as many leftists on Twitter are proposing she’s doing, there’s a number of incidents she could’ve specifically harped on. [firefly_poll] To be fair to the most vocal of Mitchell’s critics, all indications point to a “red wave” come midterms, so it’s understandable they’d be extra sensitive to anything that they would perceive to make that future any more certain. Midterms will be on Nov. 8. The governorship of Pennsylvania will be one of many races determined that night. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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