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The War Report

Refocus on foundational principles as we stand strong for God, family, and country across the 7 mountains of His Kingdom. Fill yourself each day with understanding of current events and truth through a Biblical lens. Get informed on how to put on the full armor of God and stay prepared in these extraordinary times, unlike any other our nation has faced.

Take Five

Our most popular show explores the powerful testimony of Pastors, Prophetic Voices, Law Enforcement, Military leaders, Journalists, Politicians, and other great American Patriots on the front lines, fighting for God and Country. Prepare to be inspired by moving messages about faith, persecution, and perseverance.

The Rest of the Story

A 60 Minutes-style docuseries on the events of January 6th. In this series, Logan focuses on the cloudier events surrounding January 6. We learn new information that occurred on that fateful day that will forever be a stain on American history. 

Shabbat Shalom

Join Pastor Dave as he dives into the Shabbat Shalom bible message each Saturday piecing together world events and biblical scripture in a unique sermon that the entire family will enjoy. Celebrate with us and allow our worship team and spirit-filled musicians to fill your heart with hope, love, and revelation that only comes by knowing our Lord and Savior.

A Window into the Supernatural

Explore the unexplainable mysteries of the supernatural world as we dive into the battle between light and dark, uncover the truth, and share a testimony. We bring you interviews with those who lead supernatural lives, sharing their prophetic experiences and how God has touched them.

His Story

Find out the reality of life in the limelight and Hollywood from actors, actresses, musicians, athletes, and more. Explore the moment when God changes their lives forever and their powerful messages for today’s youth ensnared by the darkness found in today’s entertainment industry. Everything hidden in the dark eventually comes to light…

Lions & Generals

Join modern-day David’s as they discuss events taking place in our world through a military and biblical lens. Get the unfiltered truth by boots-on-the-ground patriots and military personnel whose voices have been censored by mainstream media. Armor up with the knowledge that can only come from seasoned war veterans and American patriots.