‘Monday Night Football’ Halted as Scary Injury Requires Ambulance to Drive Onto Field and Take Player to Hospital

Buffalo Bills cornerback Dane Jackson was driven off the field in an ambulance Monday night after suffering a neck injury during the Bills’ 41-7 victory over the Tennessee Titans. Jackson appeared to have been hit by Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds after tackling Titans wide receiver Treylon Burks, according to ESPN. It appeared that Edmunds’s helmet struck Jackson’s helmet, causing the cornerback’s head to snap back. The “Monday Night Football” game was delayed for about 10 minutes as Jackson was put on a stretcher and then loaded into an ambulance that came out on the field. “You go from being a coach to just being a human when I’m out there watching him getting loaded into the ambulance. That’s a real moment,” Bills coach Sean McDermott said after the game, according to the New York Post. “Just praying for him. It’s an unfortunate situation but we’re praying for him and hopefully we get some more (updates) here soon,” he said. A tweet from the Bills indicated that the player had “full movement in his extremities.” Edmunds said he had moved in thinking Burks needed to be brought down. “Definitely a tough play. Just kind of saw the receiver still up, just trying to finish the play. A situation that, obviously, I didn’t do intentionally. [firefly_poll] “I would never try to do something like that to my teammate, but like I said … the receiver was still up, I was just trying to finish him to the ground and unfortunately, I end up hitting Dane,” he said. Edmunds said Jackson helped ease his fears before the player was taken away for the medical attention he needed. “Just to see him moving, just to see him give a thumbs-up on the way out — obviously, that helped a lot of us. … It eased a lot of our minds,” Edmunds said. Buffalo safety Damar Hamlin indicated Jackson had offered an encouraging word before he was taken to the hospital. “It felt terrible. It felt like one of my brothers was down. And with the severity of how it happened, it just made it even more extreme. ‘Cause it didn’t seem like just [a] regular injury,” he said. “But once I talked to him, once he told me he was good on the field — we got that kind of bond where he’s going to let me know if something up, so, I’m praying for him, and I know he’ll be OK,” he said. Hamlin noted that players of both teams were worried about Jackson. “Dane is my brother, so being in that moment and seeing something like that, it’s a deep hit,” Hamlin said, according to The Buffalo News. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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