Mockery Ensues After Kamala Harris Is Named on One of Forbes’ Lists

Mockery Ensues After Kamala Harris Is Named on One of Forbes’ Lists

No truthful person seriously regards Vice President Kamala Harris as impressive or influential inside President Joe Biden’s administration. Naturally, therefore, an establishment publication had to lie about her.

On Tuesday, Forbes ranked Harris third on its list of the world’s most powerful women. Third.

Again, no one seriously believes this, so the mockery on social media proved relentless.

In a list determined by the metrics of “money, media, impact and spheres of influence,” according to Forbes, Harris was beaten to the top spots by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen of Belgium and European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde of Germany.

In the rest of the top five, she edged out Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and American pop superstar and economic powerhouse Taylor Swift.

It would be fair to say every one of those other women have actual accomplishments that eclipse whatever Harris has been doing lately,

“Kamala can’t even count to three,” one social media user wrote on X.

“They must set a low bar,” another wrote.

“Well it is Forbes!! They never get it right!” another user wrote.

Others focused their mockery on the exaggerated laugh that has earned the vice president the nickname “Cackling Kamala.”

“[M]ost powerful laugh,” one user wrote.

Another user tweeted “My honest reaction to this:” followed by a GIF of Harris and another woman laughing hysterically.

One reason for the incredulous reaction on social media is that Harris does not strike anyone as a serious person. She makes inane comments and often sounds nearly as unintelligible as Biden.

Speaking of which, like her boss the president, she did not earn her office. In 2020, not even Democratic primary voters wanted her. Nor did they want him. The party establishment installed both.


During one 2020 debate, in fact, then-Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii exposed Harris as a fraud. But it made no difference. The modern Democratic Party elevates mediocrities like Harris while alienating patriots like Gabbard.

Meanwhile, the people at Forbes seem not to have noticed that even the historically incompetent Biden does not respect Harris.

The president, for instance, has given Harris cosmetic responsibilities while ensuring that others behind the scenes make actual decisions. In fact, Biden seems to have learned never to trust Harris with anything important.

Finally — to crown Forbes’ lie — we have the irrefutable fact that vice presidents enjoy no actual constitutional power. This seems like an important point and pertinent to a list of the world’s most powerful people.

In a moment of characteristically exaggerated pathos, Vice President John Adams — the first person ever to hold that office in the U.S. — once described the vice presidency.

“[M]y Country has in its Wisdom contrived for me, the most insignificant Office that ever the Invention of Man contrived or his Imagination conceived,” a frustrated Adams wrote in 1793. The office has not seen an enlargement of its powers in the last 230 years.

In sum, her office confers no power, her boss trusts her with none, voters did not want her and no one takes her seriously.

Otherwise, good call by Forbes.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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