M&M’s Now Marketing ‘Acceptance and Inclusivity’ to Children With New Character

The relentless efforts by woke corporations to indoctrinate kids continues. On Wednesday, Mars, Inc., announced a new marketing gimmick, a “spokescandy” intended to virtue signal progressive values. “For the first time in a decade, M&M’S, proudly part of Mars, is expanding its iconic crew with the introduction of a new character and spokescandy — meet Purple,” the announcement read. “Designed to represent acceptance and inclusivity, our newest member is known for her earnest self-expression. Keen self-awareness, authenticity and confidence are the driving forces behind Purple’s charm and quirky nature. She joins the legendary cast of M&M’S characters, who recently were given a refresh with updated looks and more nuanced personalities back in January.” As the new statement acknowledged, this was not Mars’s first jump onto the woke bandwagon. Mars had announced in January that the personalities and designs of the existing cast of candy mascots would be altered into more politically correct versions: “At Mars we believe that in the world we want tomorrow, society is inclusive. And, as one of our most iconic brands, M&M’S is announcing a new global commitment to create a world where everyone feels they belong. “M&M’S has been around for more than 80 years and this year the brand continues to evolve to reflect the more dynamic, progressive world that we live in. And as part of this evolution, built on purpose, M&M’S promises to use the power of fun to include everyone with a goal of increasing the sense of belonging for 10 million people around the world by 2025.” Even though the purple colored M&M will appear in advertising, it will not actually become one of the colors sold to consumers, Food & Wine reported. In a contemporary ad campaign, it’s a good assumption words like acceptance and inclusivity don’t really mean what they say. They mean agreeing with leftist agendas, not actual tolerance. It’s a progressive strategy to manipulate language as a means of control. As part of the rollout, Purple was featured in a cringe-worthy video. Some of its content, such as making a puzzle with an image of brie and wine, calls into question whom this pitch is really targeting. Such a reference implies an adult, sophisticated audience. But what adult would be swayed by talking CGI candy? Most adults couldn’t care less about anthropomorphic chocolate product placements, but kids are paying close attention. This is another progressive strategy: aiming propaganda at children in an attempt to normalize radical, transgressive ideas for the next generation. It’s why a kiddie movie like “Lightyear” featured a same-sex kiss. It’s why the makers that of film, Disney, had a costly meltdown against the Parental Rights in Education bill, a Florida law designed to prevent teachers from sharing inappropriate sexual information with children in the classroom. It’s why drag shows are promoted as “child friendly” events by the left. It’s why school libraries are stocking shelves with shockingly graphic books. There’s a no-longer-covert war being waged for the hearts and minds that will shape the future, and now even candy is taking sides. Mars really should stick to selling sweets instead of twisting their brand to push woke, progressive messaging. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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