Mitch McConnell’s Plan to Betray Americans Exposed by GOP Senator – ‘Horrible Thing to Do’

Mitch McConnell’s Plan to Betray Americans Exposed by GOP Senator – ‘Horrible Thing to Do’

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell might consider moving to Ukraine and serving in their government because he seems to no longer have an interest in serving the American people. Then, he can fund them all he wants with their own tax dollars.

His latest stunt speaks to his political leanings and allegiance. It smells of personal gain as opposed to protecting the United States from the invasion we continue to undergo — he voted Tuesday to pass a $95 billion foreign aid bill that will send $60.1 billion to Ukraine.

And Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson seems to have become the town crier amid a rogue elite running and fleecing our nation in partnership with Ukraine.

“When we entered this thing, McConnell said his top priority was funding for Ukraine. But public opinion and the very strong political rhetoric that we ought to secure our own border before we spend $60 billion to secure Ukraine’s was effective. And so McConnell finally switched and said, ‘OK, we’ve got to let Democrats know that we are serious. We are going to defeat closure on this bill, and we are going to demand that border security is going to be attached to funding for Ukraine,'” Johnson said.

“Then secret negotiations occurred on an issue the public supports Republicans on, and we end up with this monstrosity of a bill. It is an immigration bill. It’s not a border security bill. But during that time frame, we repeatedly talked about making Ukraine funding contingent on border metrics,” he continued.

“We had it all laid out. We had a proposal. We had a great deal of support in our conference, but what Mike pointed out is unbeknownst to us at the time, McConnell told [Sen. James] Lankford that that’s not even on the table.

“He, on his own … using his own authority without telling the conference even though he knew that the conference supported tying border security or Ukraine funding to actually securing the border, McConnel just took that off the table.

“And that moment of leverage we had where we could use Biden’s desire for Ukraine funding to actually force him to use his executive authority to secure the border has been lost, and that is why so many of us are speaking out against McConnell. It was such a breach of his leadership position and such a, just a horrible thing to do to Americans who want a secure border,” he said.

It is neglectful to continue sending funds as our nation is being invaded.

But McConnell is placing a gun to Americans heads, insisting as a global superpower that we continue to fund Ukraine or our own border will remain wide open. He should be impeached. We certainly won’t be a global superpower much longer if we listen to him.

Our national security continues to remain at risk as a result. McConnell is a traitor just as much as Biden is. Can someone call Gov. Abbott of Texas and ask him how we use barbed wire to keep McConnell out of his office, please?

The breach of position and trust is so unfathomable that Johnson and many other Republicans are crying out against McConnell. If they didn’t do so, they too would be complicit in his betrayal of the American people.

As an American citizen, I, for one, am fed up! I am certainly not alone. Social media platforms — like TikTok — are full of Americans engaging in cries to refrain from paying taxes in order to send a strong message to Washington D.C. (Note: You are required to pay your taxes.)

It is obvious we don’t have a functioning government. The mafia-like tactics are stealing our nation, freedom, and legacy out from under us. And hearing about it, knowing nothing will get done to prevent it, almost makes things worse for Americans. The escalating frustration feels intolerable at times.

According to the Washington Examiner, McConnell stated in a recent speech, “Will we act to secure America’s sovereign borders and help our friends fighting for theirs?”

No, McConnell. We won’t. We urge you to close our border first, remiss of any ties. Then provide us with an accounting of the funding already sent to Ukraine. And once both are accomplished to Americans satisfaction, we can address further recommendations from you. Sen. Ron Johnson filled everyone in on your self-serving plan. The bank’s closed.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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