Missing Person Case Gains Traction After Disturbing Clue Found in the Garbage

Police in California found a note left behind by a missing woman’s dead ex-boyfriend that could provide authorities clues to find out what happened to her. Investigators handed a copy of the note to 24-year-old Alexis Gabe’s parents on Thursday. Alexis’ father, Gwyn Gabe, uploaded a scan of the copy he received on the Facebook group “Help Bring Alexis Gabe Home.” The Oakley, California, resident has been missing for over six months since she was last seen on January 26 in Antioch, according to reporting from KNTV-TV. In the following months, investigators grew suspicious of the possibility that Alexis’ boyfriend, 27-year-old Antioch resident Marshall Curtis Jones could have murdered her. When Seattle Police Department officers arrived at an apartment in Kent, Washington, to arrest Jones on murder charges, he charged at them with a large kitchen knife, resulting in three officers shooting him to death. Law enforcement then raided a home in Vacaville, California, where Jones’ sister lives, and found crumpled notes in the garage. The note police handed Alexis’ parents was among the ones found there. In a letter to the woman’s parents, Antioch Police Department Sergeant James Stenger said that the note contained “handwritten directions” that led to Pioneer, where Jones is believed to have dumped Alexis’ body. “Marshall turned off his phone for several hours during the period he drove to Pioneer,” Stenger said. “We believe he drove this route because about half of the way there he got lost and had to turn his phone on to get back on the right route.” “We were able to pinpoint his location when the phone turned on,” Stenger’s letter said. The note contained detailed instructions on reaching the site where Alexis was allegedly dumped after she was killed, specifying turns and how long one should stay on a road before taking another turn. The instructions led one to a spot near an elementary school in Pioneer. Stenger also mentioned that after Jones’ death, one of his friends came forward to give police a statement that in a conversation two weeks before Alexis vanished, “Marshall told the friend that he was thinking about killing Alexis and wanted to know where the best place to hide a body would be.” The two, according to Stenger, concluded that the ideal spot would be either a septic tank or a forest area. “I want to make it clear that this friend had never met Alexis, and the friend thought Marshall was joking about wanting to kill Alexis,” Stenger wrote. The U.K.’s Sun reported that Gwyn told the newspaper that investigators and volunteers have scoured through approximately 200 acres of land in search of Alexis. “Unfortunately, they found nothing,” Gwyn said, according to The Sun. “They’re only focusing on Pioneer. They strongly believe she is there.” “Until we find a body, we’re just going to keep believing that she’s still alive,” Gwyn added. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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