Miss Universe Pageant Organizers File for Bankruptcy After Embracing Transgender Contestants

It turns out that viewers do not want to see men competing in a women’s pageant. Who could have guessed? According to Fox Business, the JKN Global Group filed for bankruptcy last week in Thailand. JKN owns the Miss Universe pageant, which this year will feature two transgender contestants: “Miss” Portugal and “Miss” Netherlands. “Miss” Spain — the first transgender contestant in pageant history — competed in 2018. He did not advance to the finals, however, no doubt due to transphobia. Thankfully, a new owner means a remedy for that vile “fear” of men pretending to be women. The JKN Global Group’s CEO — a transgender activist from Thailand who calls himself “Anne” Jakrajutatip — purchased the Miss Universe pageant for $20 million in 2022. Now, multiple transgender contestants means multiple chances for men to parade around in women’s swimwear. Despite the bankruptcy, the 2023 pageant will go on as scheduled this Saturday in San Salvador, capital of El Salvador. In the U.S., interested viewers can tune in beginning at 8 p.m. EST on Roku and Telemundo. If they do, they probably will see some of the world’s most beautiful women saying ridiculous things and pretending that two European men can be women. [firefly_poll] Indeed, like Cultural Revolution-era Chinese people who carried a copy of “Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong” out of sheer terror at the prospect of getting caught without one, any pageant contestants who think men should not participate in women’s events will be sure to conceal their objections and simply nod along with the rest of the mob. Otherwise, they run the risk of experiencing what Riley Gaines and other brave women and girls have experienced. As for the organization’s financial situation, the precise reason for the bankruptcy has not been reported. JKN did miss a Sept. 1 deadline for a loan repayment of around $12 million, according to CNN. Nonetheless, we might easily guess a primary cause of the pageant’s decline. Here is one illustration of that cause: “Miss Universe asked us to describe ourselves in one word,” the current “Miss” Netherlands said in a video posted to Instagram in June. “The word I’m choosing is ‘victory’ because as a little boy I conquered all things that came through my path — and look at me now, standing here as a strong, empowering and confident trans woman.”
At this point, one wonders if the phrase “as a little boy” caused any of “Miss” Netherlands’ followers to even raise an eyebrow. Either way, as they have done with Bud Light and Target, many consumers undoubtedly decided that they no longer wish to subject themselves to woke lies. The pageant, for instance, now appears on Roku and Telemundo instead of Fox. According to Time Magazine, the 2021 pageant on Fox drew only 2.7 million viewers. That number represented a 56 percent decline in viewership from only five years earlier. “Transgender” means “woke.” And “bankruptcy” means “broke.” By embracing the former, the Miss Universe pageant has now experienced the latter.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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