Miami Mother Accused of Attempting to Hire Hit Man to Kill her 3-Year-Old Son

A Miami woman has been charged with seeking to hire a hit man to rid her of her 3-year-old son. A Miami-Dade police report said that a woman visited a parody hit-for-hire website and wanted the boy “taken away, far, far, far away and possibly be killed but ASAP,” according to the Associated Press. She said online she was willing to pay $3,000 “to get something done once and for all,” the police report said. The 18-year-old woman, whose name is being withheld by The Western Journal to protect her son, has been charged with first-degree soliciting murder and unlawful use of a communication device, according to the Miami Herald. She has been ordered to stay away from the child upon whom the hit was ordered. The suspect was released from jail on a $15,000 bond. She is being represented by the public defender’s office. Although the hit was ordered under another name, police said the IP address of the computer used led them to the suspect’s residence. “She was in a hurry to get this done,” Bob Innes, the website’s owner, told the Herald. Innes said the request came in Tuesday to the parody site, and that he contacted the Miami-Dade Police Department. The woman was texted by police and confirmed her intentions, police said. The suspect was arrested Tuesday night. Police said that the motive of the woman ordering the hit was to get a former boyfriend back, because the man broke up with her due to the fact that she had a child. The woman said the boyfriend told her to get rid of the child. Police said they found a text from the woman to the ex-boyfriend regarding the child that said, “it’s being taken care of.” According to AP, the boy lives with a relative, who told police that the boy’s mother has not lived with them since May, and that her contact with the child was via FaceTime. The suspect’s father defended her, according to WTVJ-TV “My daughter is not a monster. My daughter is a little girl who was born with health problems. She has liquid retained in her neck. She’s had 12 surgeries, she lost the ability to move her face. She’s been bullied in school, they called her ‘the monster,’” he said. The station did not release his name. According to the Miami Herald, the website used in the incident was first created as part of the launch of a cybersecurity startup that failed. It later morphed into a parody site that has referred to local police those who actually think they can use it to hire a killing.
“I’m just happy to help,” Innes said.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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