Melania Trump Makes Rare Public Appearance – Newsweek Finds Issue with Coat She Wore

Melania Trump Makes Rare Public Appearance – Newsweek Finds Issue with Coat She Wore

When it comes to the anti-Trump media, Melania Trump can never win.

The former first lady has stayed largely out of the limelight since leaving the White House in 2021, but whenever she does make an appearance, her very presence makes liberals in the media go crazy.

In their ever-watchful eyes, every move of Mrs. Trump is dissected and scrutinized, even in somber moments like a funeral.

The latest fake outrage is over the coat Melania wore Tuesday to an invitation-only tribute service for former first lady Rosalynn Carter.

You would think Mrs. Trump was wearing a leather jacket with skulls and crossbones, but she wasn’t.

No, the great fashion crime the former first lady committed was that her coat — not her dress, her coat — was a sober gray with specks of black instead of all black.

Newsweek dedicated an entire article to the former first lady’s coat. In an attempt to keep the facade of balance, the outlet actually consulted Diane Gottsman, an etiquette expert and founder of The Protocol School of Texas, about the alleged fashion faux pas — but was told that “Melania Trump’s outfit was appropriate for a funeral.”

“It would be a different story if Melania Trump wore hot pink, or bright red, but rather she chose a somber gray, which is a perfectly acceptable color for funerals,” the fashion expert said.

But that didn’t stop the news outlet from trashing the former first lady in the rest of the article, using quotes from social media.

The outlet quoted filmmaker and producer Andy Ostroy, who wrote in a post on X, “She might as well have ‘I really don’t care, do you?’ on the back of that coat.”

“EVERYONE wears black, especially at a funeral like Rosalynn Carter’s, but not Melania Trump. She wears gray. She stands out like the sore thumb that she is, God forbid she should ever set foot in the oval office again,” was another post Newsweek chose to highlight.

Bear in mind that this entire hoopla was over Mrs. Trump’s coat.

Her dress, as many pointed out, appeared to be black.

Other X users blasted the anti-Trump media for its frivolous reporting.

One X user wrote, “FFS you people are pathetic. Who cares what she wore? jealous much?”

“Melania Trump wore a gray coat to Rosalynn Carter’s funeral. Other First Ladies wore black coats. Wow. This is newsworthy. Who cares what color coat she wore? Proves they’ll attack the Trumps on anything,” another tweet read.

The New York Post also did a story about the coat on its celebrity gossip-oriented Page Six on Tuesday, but by Wednesday, the story seemed to have been rewritten, complete with a new headline and body copy. The nasty tweets and harsh criticism of the former first lady removed from the original story, but the original URL remains, and gives away the original flavor: “celebrity-news/melania-trump-wears-gray-coat-to-rosalynn-carters-funeral-while-fellow-first-ladies-dress-in-all-black/.”

Perhaps Post’s editors had second thoughts after the backlash they received on X.

One X user posted, “Rupert Murdoch’s @NYPost focuses on Melania Trump’s gray coat rather than honoring the life of Rosalyn Carter. By the way, Melania is looking lovely.'”

While there will always be haters among the public, one would expect a hard-hitting outlet like the New York Post to have more sense, especially during a funeral.

Dark colors are generally accepted at funerals, and, as pointed out before, this was her coat, not even her dress. I guess one isn’t allowed to be cold at a funeral.

Funnily enough, Rosalynn Carter would probably have approved of Melania’s outfit. Mrs. Carter herself chose to wear beige at the funeral of President Nixon almost 20 years ago.

The ultimate question is, does a gray coat with black specks worn at a funeral in 2023 deserve the attention and drama it has received?

The answer: Only if Melania Trump wears it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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