Megyn Kelly Says She Prayed Christie Would Be at Debate So She Could Hit Him on Radical Stance

Megyn Kelly Says She Prayed Christie Would Be at Debate So She Could Hit Him on Radical Stance

God was good to Megyn Kelly during Wednesday night’s GOP debate.

The podcaster and former Fox News host said she had “prayed to God and all of the angels above” for the opportunity to ask former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie about his shocking stance on medical interventions for children who are gender confused.

Kelly got exactly what she asked for — and voters got all they ever needed to know to send Christie packing.

“You do not favor a ban on trans medical treatments for minors, saying it’s a parental rights issue,” Kelly set up her question.

“The surgeries done on minors involve cutting off body parts at a time when these kids cannot even legally smoke a cigarette.  Kids who go from puberty blockers to cross-sex hormones are at a much greater likelihood of winding up sterile,” the moderator pointed out about so-called gender-affirming care.

“How is it that you think a parent should be able to OK these surgeries — never mind the sterilization of a child — and aren’t you way too out of step on this issue to be the Republican nominee?” Kelly asked him.

“No, I’m not, because Republicans believe in less government, not more, and less involvement with government, not more involvement in people’s lives,” Christie replied.

“And you know what, Megyn? I trust parents,” the former U.S. Attorney for New Jersey claimed.

“And we’re out there saying that we should empower parents in education, we should empower parents to make more decisions about where their kids go to school — I agree,” Christie said.

“We should empower parents to be teaching the values that they believe in in their homes without the government telling them what those values should be,” he added.

Christie went on to claim that his position “as a father of four” compelled him to believe that other parents who want to butcher, drug and sterilize their own children should be allowed to do so.

He conceded that “every once in a while, parents are going to make decisions that we disagree with” but went on to claim that “the minute you start to take those rights away from parents, you don’t know that slippery slope, what rights are going to be taken away next.”

Even couched in the language of parental rights and freedom, Christie’s answer put him firmly on the side of the most insane Democrats.

“Chris Christie will not ban trans surgeries on minors too young to even smoke a cigarette. Pathetic,” citizen journalist Ian Miles Cheong posted to social media platform X.

“Totally wrong answer by Chris Christie on trans surgeries. Totally wrong,” Andrew T. Walker, associate professor of Christian ethics at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a fellow with the Ethics and Public Policy Center, said on X.

“This form of Republicanism needs to go away.”

It’s difficult to comprehend why Christie believes in barbaric treatment for gender-confused children, especially considering that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has made a name for himself in the Republican Party with his stance that these procedures are child abuse.

As it is, Christie has a paltry 2.5 percent in the polls and is likely hurtling toward his second spectacular failure in his quest to become the Republican nominee for president.

According to the New York Times, some in the GOP were urging him to drop out even before he took the worst policy stance of his career.

And yet Christie, with his worn 2016 playbook in hand, continues believing that his opposition to former President Donald Trump will be enough to overcome his policy failures and history of sucking up to Democrats, not to mention his abrasive and off-putting personality.

“He probably has the toughest path to the nomination, and you just have to face that reality sooner than later,” Kevin Madden, former strategist for 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, told the Times.

“Ideally, it would have been facing that reality yesterday, or a month or two months ago,” Madden added.

The only upside to the hubris that’s kept Christie in the running is that Kelly was able to get him to state — on the record — that child mutilation is a matter of freedom.

As Kelly told conservative media mogul Glenn Beck, this was exactly what she was hoping for that night.

“He is too radical on this issue to be the Republican nominee, in my view,” Kelly told Beck.

“This is way out of step with where the Republican Party is, and it was the one reason I wanted him to make the debate,” she said.

“I prayed and I prayed to God and all of angels above, please, please let him make it,” Kelly said.

Christie doesn’t realize that a great reckoning is coming for all of the politicians and powers-that-be who support and push for minors to be given life-altering treatments for a mental disorder.

Even the Washington Post has admitted that a majority of Americans support the “anti-trans” stance that the Republican Party has largely adopted and pushed for legislatively.

Bud Lite found out the hard way that Americans draw the line at this kind of perversion, even if it’s just for hawking beer rather than transing the kids — and Christie will likely get his comeuppance just the same.

It’s nice that Megyn Kelly is grateful for this opportunity, but perhaps GOP voters are the ones who should be thanking God for her.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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