Is Meghan’s Podcast Finally Coming to an End? She Exits with 1 Telling Line on Final Episode

Former C-list actress Meghan Markle, otherwise known as the carpetbagging Duchess of Sussex, concluded the 12th and final episode of her Spotify podcast β€” the farcically titled “Archetypes” β€” by once again spotlighting her pathological narcissism. “While this format is only audio — and each week I use my voice, you can hear my thoughts without any visual — I feel seen,” the henpecking wife of England’s Prince Harry said Tuesday. “I had never considered that in using my voice, that I would feel seen. But I do.” She pretentiously declared: “Many moons ago, I heard a quote that I will share with you today, because as we talk about labels and tropes, boxes some may try to squeeze you into and roles and stereotypes that are attributed to you that don’t quite fit the full person that you are, this is what I wanted to leave you with.” Meghan then closed her podcast by invoking a quote from Greek poet Dinos Christianopoulos: “What didn’t you do to bury me? But you forgot that I was a seed.” The citation suggested she was an archetype for human rights and womanhood who was misunderstood and unfairly persecuted by the public. The 41-year-old performer’s nauseating egotism was dampened by the fact that she did not say whether her podcast would return for a second season. This fueled speculation that “Archetypes” might be canceled after its viewership shrank over the course of its run. After debuting at No. 1 on Spotify in August amid massive media hype, Meghan’s podcast has since plunged to No. 27. Keep in mind that the corporate media has talked nonstop about “Archetypes” and fawned incessantly over the duchess. Given this constant barrage of free global publicity, you might expect her podcast to have had a much larger audience. This could be why Spotify might not renew the webcast for another season after shelling out a whopping $18 million for the first 12 episodes. columnist Daniela Elser astutely summed up the debacle when she wrote on Wednesday, “It would take the most tenacious, rose-tinted communications executive in the world to somehow attempt to spin this all as representing some sort of success.” Elser noted that “despite kicking off in late August amid much fanfare – including Times Square billboards and briefly taking out the number one podcast spot – the Archetypes launch bang has been reduced to a puttering whimper.” She added: “The problem is, aside from a few revelations about Meghan’s former life of professional duchessing and her criticising the first TV show to really give her a break, Archetypes has been pretty forgettable.” Essentially, what Meghan’s failed podcast underscores is that you can only get so much mileage from being a clout-chasing professional victim whose arsenal consists of the overused race card. In an unstable world where people are struggling with skyrocketing grocery bills, escalating crime and the possibility of World War III, hearing a self-absorbed TV personality whine that she wasn’t treated like a queen in her short-lived role as a member of the British royal family is not a priority for most people. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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