Meghan ‘Humiliated’ After ‘Outrageous Slur’ by ‘Family Guy’ – Report

Meghan ‘Humiliated’ After ‘Outrageous Slur’ by ‘Family Guy’ – Report

A recent episode of “Family Guy” that skewered Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, got under Meghan’s skin, according to a report.

The episode marked the second time this year that an animated series had mocked the couple. In February, “South Park” ridiculed them for conducting a “worldwide privacy tour.”

Unnamed sources close to the couple said Meghan thought the “Family Guy” episode was “totally unfair,” according to a translation of a report Wednesday on the French version of the gossip site Closer.

The report said she felt “humiliated” and “savagely attacked,” and Harry and Meghan believe they “can’t catch a break.”

Meghan is “desperate for a solution. They are in complete panic,” Closer reported.

The New York Post’s article on the gossip site’s report said Harry and Meghan viewed the depiction of them as an “outrageous slur.”

The scene in the Oct. 22 “Family Guy” episode opens in a bar, with Peter Griffin dreaming of ways to get money he is owed.

He decides he will emulate Harry and Meghan, who broke from the royal family in 2020 and decided to go it alone.

Cue the celebrity couple by a pool. A butler arrives bearing what he says are “your millions from Netflix for … no one knows what.”

“Put it with the rest of them,” Harry says.

Meghan then gets a notification on her phone. “Babe, time to do our daily $250,000 sponsored Instagram post for Del Taco,” she says.

The scene closes with Harry muttering,  “I shouldn’t have left the made-up nonsense.”

The Mexican fast-food chain later jokingly interjected a request for the couple’s plug.

The mockery from “Family Guy” comes as one British writer believes Harry and Meghan are on the verge of remaking their image.

“[W]hile preaching kindness and telling everyone else what to do with their lives might make them feel virtuous, it’s not paying the bills for the lavish lifestyle to which they would like to remain accustomed,” Jane Moore wrote Tuesday in The Sun.

Moore wrote that “they’ve decided to drop the constant virtue signalling and embrace what we always suspected Meghan craved all along — an A-list celebrity lifestyle funded by lucrative endorsements and favors from billionaires who want to be seen with someone famous.”

“The couple’s charitable work via their foundation Archewell is ongoing, but it will no doubt remain a side show to the more important business of making Brand Sussex financially self-sufficient,” she said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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