Megan Rapinoe Proves She Can Be Even More Insufferable After National Team Complaints Backfire

Megan Rapinoe Proves She Can Be Even More Insufferable After National Team Complaints Backfire

It seems that ex-soccer star Megan Rapino just can’t stand to be out of the limelight, and now she is proving that she is just as insufferable as we all thought she was.

The (thankfully) retired captain of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team was well known for her constant attacks on the very country that made her a famous millionaire when she was playing professional soccer — not to mention playing to represent the nation. Every time we turned around, she was spouting off about one radical left-wing issue or another.

Rapinoe, for instance, was one of the early adopters of the anti-American protest against the country by taking a knee during the national anthem. She also pulled this stunt during the Olympics, but she finally retired this year.

America may have thought they were finally done hearing from this leftist simp when she retired. But no such luck.

Rapinoe is once again on the attack, this time against the very sport that made her a household name.

The former soccer star appeared in a new Netflix documentary series, entitled, “Under Pressure: The U.S. Women’s World Cup Team.” And in the series, she blasts her own former job, the Washington Examiner reported.

She insisted that playing for the USWNT was the “worst job in the world.”

“I always say it’s the worst job in the world because if you do your job, then you were supposed to, and if you do one hair less, then you are gonna get lambasted for it,” she said.

Meanwhile, according to Forbes magazine, Rapinoe is now worth more than seven million dollars, most of which she made in endorsement deals handed to her because she played for America’s soccer team.

Rapinoe lived her dream. She became famous and rich all for playing a mere game.

The obnoxious woman, though, has not limited herself to merely hating on the United States and her game. She doesn’t just limit herself to hating things on this earthly realm. She’s gone all the way to the top by attacking none other than God himself.

In November the contemptible Rapinoe blasted God because she suffered an injury during her last game.

“I’m not a religious person or anything,” Rapinoe exclaimed. “And if there wasn’t God, like, this is proof that there isn’t, because this is f***ed up. So, yeah, it just, it’s just f***ed up, you know?”

WARNING: The following video contains language some readers may find offensive. 

Rapinoe, of course, has been disgorging left-wing talking points for years.

In 2022, she accused her coach of “fat shaming” players just before he resigned from his role with the team.

In 2021, the USWNT took an embarrassing loss after Rapinoe and her teammates took a knee during the anthem. Unfortunately, her hatred for America sent many Americans cheering the USWNT’s loss.

Before that she was seen grossly and arrogantly bragging about how great she is and how she deserves to win at the USWNT victory parade in New York City.

She was even accused of bullying her teammates into taking a knee to push her extreme, left-wingery.

Unfortunately, the country is still waiting with bated breath to finally stop hearing from this odious woman. Sadly, it looks like we are still waiting.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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