Medic Forced to Get Creative When Canadian Captain’s Nose Starts to Bleed During World Cup

As the 2022 World Cup in Qatar continues and the 32 national teams battle through the group stage, the Sunday match between Canada and Croatia got humorous when Canada’s captain Atiba Hutchinson resorted to using a tampon to stop his nosebleed. Partway through the second half of the match, Hutchinson’s nose began bleeding. After the team’s medical personnel took a look, he was given a tampon to stop the bleeding, the Daily Mail reported. The 39-year-old midfielder’s tampon use amused fans, who referenced the 2006 movie “She’s the Man.” In the teen comedy “She’s the Man,” one of the most popular scenes shows the humorous idea of using a tampon to stop a nosebleed. The main character Viola, played by actress Amanda Bynes, impersonates her twin brother in order to play on the boy’s soccer team. But when her teammates find a tampon, she pretends that she uses them for “really bad nosebleeds.” “Beckham does it all the time. It absorbs right up!” Viola said “Atiba Hutchinson of Canada pulling a ‘She is the man’ hack to help with a nose bleed at the @FIFAWorldCup,” one user tweeted. “Hutchinson dealing with a nose bleed like Channing in She’s The Man,” another user posted. “EXCUSE ME did that player from Canada just walk into the game with a tampon up his nose?!?!? LIKE IN SHE’S THE MAN?!? We love to see it,” another tweeted. But aside from the many “She’s the Man” jokes, others poked fun at the Canadian health care system. [firefly_poll] “I [thought] Canada had great healthcare, why does a player have a tampon in his nose on the international stage?” another fan joked, the Daily Mail reported. But unfortunately for Canada, though the tampon up the nose was amusing, Canadian fans were disappointed by a 4-to-1 defeat by Croatia, which means that Canada will not advance to the knockout round of the cup, Insider reported. After the 1-to-0 defeat to Belgium on Nov. 23, Canada wound up at the bottom of Group F and Sunday brought the team to the end of its road in Qatar. Despite being eliminated from the World Cup, Canada is scheduled for one last match Thursday against Morocco, giving them ” a chance to exit the tournament with a bit of pride and record its first-ever point at the World Cup,” SportsNet of Canada reported. “Thursday’s game will be the lasting impression fans from the rest of the world will have of Canada until it co-hosts the 2026 World Cup. “It’s a big opportunity for the team, one that it has to make the most of after this humbling defeat.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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