Media Salivates After ‘Sources’ Say Search for New Twitter CEO Is Underway, Musk’s Reaction Is Priceless

It didn’t take long for left-leaning media outlets to swarm on the developing story regarding the Twitter poll Elon Musk published in which he allowed the social media platform’s users to vote on whether or not he should remain as Twitter’s CEO. On Tuesday, CNBC ran a story titled “Elon Musk actively searching for a new Twitter CEO, sources say,” and other media outlets parroted the story, almost as if they’d had the story of the decade. The CNBC story was shared across Twitter, and Musk responded to it by simply replying with two laughing emojis. Musk’s reaction was based on commentary from others who pointed out that CNBC’s “sources” was not the origin of the inevitability that Musk would eventually seek another person to lead the social media company after he purchased it for $44 billion earlier this year. It’s well-documented that Musk will eventually hand the reins to a worthy leader. The Wall Street Journal had it in November, quoting Musk’s testimony during a previous trial regarding his compensation package at electric vehicle company Tesla. “I expect to reduce my time at Twitter and find somebody else to run Twitter over time,” he said at the time. Other Twitter users joined in on the fun, with one tweeting, “It’s almost as if you publicly have been saying that you would eventually find a new CEO to run day-to-day since November.” The same user followed up with another tweet showing a screenshot of a November story from The Verge citing the same information while poking fun at the media’s “Super Secret Source.” Presumably, because of the media frenzy Musk’s poll generated, especially in the legacy newspaper sector, Musk fired a shot at the industry over the hyper reaction to the story. “Newspapers just search the Internet and print it out — SJM,” Musk tweeted. It’s not a stretch to say that given what’s been revealed by the steady release of bombshells stemming from the “Twitter Files,” the establishment media presumably isn’t keen on Musk exposing what has happened in the realm of social media censorship over the past several years. It’s also not a stretch to imagine that those same people would love to see anyone other than Musk at the helm of Twitter, but as long as Musk owns it, it’s a safe bet that whomever he chooses to take the lead will have the same vision for the company. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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