Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Reminder of 1950’s Rent Prices Nukes Biden’s Healthy Economy Claims

Americans feel the pressure of rising prices and struggling to pay bills as inflation is currently at 9.1 percent. Not only is inflation rising, but we also have a president that insists America has a healthy economy. In a Tuesday tweet, Representative Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia expressed just how bad President Joe Biden’s “healthy” economy really is. With a picture of an ad she said is from 1955, Greene pointed out that a three-bedroom house in Miami cost $7,900 with monthly payments of $49.74. In today’s dollars, those prices would be $87,345.41 with monthly payments of $549.94. [firefly_poll] People are struggling to pay their $1,000 per month rent. Buying a three-bedroom house for $87,345.41 is nowhere in the cards for most Americans. Anyone who has searched for housing in any city the past two years knows that a three-bedroom house for $549.94 would be a total steal. In 1955, the median salary was $4,400, according to the United States Census Bureau. People could easily afford a home like the one advertised in Greene’s tweet. But the big reason why this advertisement from 1955 is so striking is because Biden has been saying the United States economy is healthy and steadily growing. In a Wall Street Journal piece, Biden said that he is doing everything to fight inflation, but it is higher than ever. Biden also said that gas prices need to be lowered, but some states are still seeing $5 gas. Biden’s statements on the U.S. economy doing well are really hard to believe when people like Greene continue to point out the effects of inflation and major banks warn of recession. With prices rising more every month and a president that can’t seem to do what he says he will, even the most staunch Biden supporters would probably prefer cheaper houses. While we are comparing current prices to better times, today’s average house costs $507,800. But the average cost of a house under former President Donald Trump was $399,700 at its highest point in 2017. The lowest average price of a house under Biden is still higher than the highest average price under Trump. Voters can’t help but notice that policies under Biden are far more harmful to their wallets than Trump’s mean tweets and low prices. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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