Man Was Once Successful Banker, Then He Had $80,000 ‘Dragon’ Transformation

Americans used to root their identity in external sources — things like God, family and country. Today, in an increasingly secularized America, many Americans craft their self-image by looking inward instead. They define themselves by race, sex and sexuality, through the use of made-up pronouns and, in the case of Tiamat Legion Medusa, a once-successful banker, by a desire to look like a dragon. Medusa’s transformation is quite extensive. Over the course of a decade, the 61-year-old Texan spent $80,000 on tattoos and body modification surgeries in order to change his appearance to become the first-ever “genderless dragon,” the New York Post reported Tuesday. As a result, Medusa is now estranged from his son. “The relationship or the connection with my son has changed,” Medusa said, according to the Post. “At the time when I started my transformation, my son had already turned 16, and he rejected me at that point in my life.” “My son hasn’t been in my life for seven years. I’m hoping that he is at least watching me on the internet because the reason I’m out there in such a big way is for him.” As much as Medusa would like to believe this is all for his son, it’s obvious that isn’t the case. He’s desecrating his body for the same reason so many young people identify as “non-binary” nowadays. Medusa — whose birth name was Richard Hernandez, according to the Post — wants to feel special. He wants to pursue his own subjective whims, whatever they may be. Instead of mutilating his body to look more like a dragon, maybe Medusa should have sacrificed his own desires for the sake of his son. Maybe “good father” is a more meaningful identity than “genderless dragon.” There are so many places where one can find their identity. You can find an identity in how you treat other people, how you take care of your family, how you interact with your local community, etc. So, if you’re having some self-perception problems, don’t look inward for answers — like Medusa did. Instead, look outward. Try to accomplish something. Join a church. Find God. If you have questions regarding who you are and what your purpose is, you’re never going to find the answers within yourself. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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