Man Stumbles Across Secret Treasure Worth Thousands During Home Renovation

A man in New Jersey came across a pile of cash over the last weekend when renovating his home in Wildwood. “So I start digging. I’m hitting concrete. I’m hitting rock. I’m hitting glass,” Rich Gilson told USA Today. Soon he encountered “these two things, and they look like root balls.” “I throw them in the soil pile, both of them, thinking they’re just roots,” Gilson told the outlet. Gilson at first thought the discovery he made underneath his house’s porch was “trash,” according to WTXF-TV. However, he soon realized that what he stumbled on was not “trash” but two cylindrical rolls of cash containing 10- and 20-dollar bills. “My wife was in there painting and I said you got to come see this, you won’t believe what I just found,” Gilson told the outlet. There was over $2,000 underneath his porch, the news station reported. Accounting for inflation, these bills, which were produced in 1934, would be worth around $43,000 by today’s standards, according to WTXF-TV. “Either somebody robbed a bank and buried it there, or somebody didn’t trust the banks in 1934 during the height of the depression,” he said. Rich Gilson and his wife had bought the house, located on West Andrews Avenue, around four years ago, according to The house was from around the 1920s, reported. He has since been working on renovating the place, trying to elevate it and build a new foundation, according to the outlet. According to WTXF-TV, Gilson is not going to spend the money found. “If I spend it and tell the story, people are going to be like ‘where’s the money?’” Gilson told WTXF-TV. Gilson said that he’s not actively looking for any more of such treasure underneath his home. “I know that’s crazy, it could be more money,” Gilson said, according to “I feel like I want to be able to say this is what I found.” Gilson hopes that his find doesn’t lead to treasure hunters coming to his property to grab a share. “Please don’t come to my house with a shovel,” Gilson said, according to USA Today. “I’m trying to finish the house, not make more work for myself.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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