Man Who Spent Thousands of Dollars to Turn Himself Into ‘Giant Dog’ Has Big Realization

Meet Toco, the Japanese man who tried to turn himself into a giant dog. In May, the Deccan Herald brought us the story of the Twitter user who loved dogs so much that he spent over $15,000 on a giant collie costume. According to the Mirror, he said that he chose the collie because it is his favorite dog breed, and it took the Japanese company Zeppet 40 days to create the ultra-realistic costume for him. Toco has shared photos of the costume on Twitter. But that is not all. There are also several videos of him in the suit behaving like a dog. But on Wednesday, the Mirror reported that Toco, for all his love of dogs and the thousands of dollars he spent on the costume, has come to a massive realization about his lifestyle. He told the Mirror, “I rarely tell my friends because I am afraid they will think I am weird. My friends and family seemed very surprised to learn I became an animal.” Frankly, yes, it is very weird! It is quite unsettling to see videos of a grown man in a super-realistic dog costume pretending that he is a dog. Fortunately for Toco, though, this is not permanent. If he decided tomorrow that he no longer wanted to be a dog, he could just get rid of the costume and that would be that. There are others who have made even more bizarre lifestyle choices, making permanent changes to their bodies that have scarred them and forever soured people’s attitudes toward them. One of the most extreme examples is Anthony Loffredo, a French man who transformed himself into an “alien” with tattoos (including on his eyeballs), amputations and implants. Loffredo has spoken about how he can’t find a job and how he feels like he is being judged for his lifestyle choice. Unfortunately for Loffredo, this is not just a costume like Toco’s dog; he has permanently altered his body. There is no easy fix for this. The same goes for “gender transitioning” and transgender surgeries. Many who have embraced the transgender lifestyle later regret it and want to de-transition, only to find that they have permanently damaged their bodies. How sad that many of our cultural leaders encourage confused individuals to take such harmful measures that cannot be undone. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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