Man Devastated as Home Is Left in Ashes, But Then Fellow Veteran Steps Up to Provide Comfort

Two Texas veterans have found common ground after a devastating tragedy. Volunteer firefighters responded to the scene of a serious house fire in Terrell, Texas, earlier this month, according to KDFW-TV. The home belongs to Navy veteran Larry Hickson. Everything inside the Kaufman County home had been destroyed by the time Hickson made it home, according to KDFW. Terrell volunteer firefighter and Army veteran Colby McFadden noticed one of Hickson’s possessions had been destroyed when responding at the scene, according to KDFW. An American flag that Hickman displayed in the front of his home had been charred in the blaze. McFadden decided to deliver a fresh new American flag to Hickman after the tragedy. “All my life, I was just raised that it’s the symbol of freedom and people give their lives for it,” McFadden said of the gesture. “I’ve had two brothers come home from Afghanistan under those flags.” Hickman was touched by the patriotic veteran-to-veteran gesture. “This was a young man, a very young man, and still had that connection with him as a veteran. It meant a lot,” Hickman said of the firefighter’s gesture. “This is one of the biggest and most devastating things that has happened to me,” the Navy veteran said of the tragedy. One of Hickson’s relatives shared photos of the aftermath of the tragedy, pointing to one Christian scripture referencing the aftermath of hardship and misfortune. Sadly, the flag isn’t going to replace the lifetime of memories the Hickson family associates with the home. Although it’s a sincere testament to Hickson’s patriotism that treated the flag with reverence in the face of such a tragedy. The Bible tells us the story of Job — a man who lost his entire household and worldly wealth in a series of disasters, but never renounced his faith in God amid severe hardship. Hickson expressed a similar sense of gratitude amid an event no one should ever have to experience. “I got my family here, I’m good,” Hickson said of his circumstances after the fire, expressing his gratitude with the volunteer firefighter and veteran who replaced his burned flag. Perhaps it is individuals such as Hickson and McFadden who pick up the pieces after tragedy and exemplify the best of American virtue in the darkest moments. “I am humble and feel undeserving, but I appreciate everything.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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