Male Soldiers Exploiting ‘Trans Law’ to Claim Women’s Benefits

Male Soldiers Exploiting ‘Trans Law’ to Claim Women’s Benefits

It was only a matter of time until something like this happened.

When multiple progressive ideas begin to pile up, eventually the whole thing is doomed to collapse.

That’s exactly what is occurring in Spain, as soldiers are beginning to identify as women to claim the benefits put forth by the government for female soldiers.

In 2023, the “Ley-de-Trans,” or “Trans Law” was implemented in Spain, which allowed individuals over the age of 16 to change their gender without medical approval, the New York Post reported.

This has led to 41 men in Cueta, a Spanish city in north Africa, changing their gender identities to female.

With it, they’ve gained special privileges, such as pay increases and private sleeping quarters.

Notably, only four of the 41 men have even bothered to change their names, making no effort to even appear as though they actually identify as a woman.

“On the outside, I feel like a heterosexual man, but on the inside, I am a lesbian,” Army Corporal Roberto Perdigones said, according to the Post, sourcing El Español. “And it is the latter that counts. This is why I made the legal change to become a woman.”

“For changing my gender, I have been told that my pension has gone up because women get more to compensate for inequality. I also get 15 percent more salary for being a mother,” he added, explaining the benefits of his decision.

Other ridiculous benefits include a private room and bathroom, as Perdigones was able to claim he didn’t feel comfortable around either gender.

“I even have a private room in the barracks, all to myself, with a private bathroom. This is because I cannot be with men as I am a woman, and I did not consider it appropriate to be with biological women out of respect for them,” the Spaniard said.

Perdigones may consider it inappropriate to share a room with women, but under this system, it’s very well a possibility for other men.

The soldier also noted that identifying as a female will possibly help him outside of the military, as he’s hoping for to gain shared custody of his 16-year-old son from the courts, which tend to favor females.

The gender changes don’t just take place in the Spanish army either.

A civil guard told El Español, “I have already seen several cases among my colleagues, and it is going to increase. There are quite a few people who have requested it and are in the process. So, from time to time, the number is going to be much higher.”

While some people may see it as an abuse of the system, such a massive loophole raises the question of why the system is even allowed in the first place.

If people are allowed to change their gender on a whim under the current Spanish law, why wouldn’t people simply identify with whatever would serve them best without actually changing?

This is the world that liberals want. They can’t have their cake and eat it too.

There’s no real fix to the situation either.

The only way would be to roll back the law which allows people to “change” without medical approval, or have it be allowed on a case-by-case basis, but either would end up angering progressives.

The system is ridiculous but that’s the world liberals strive for. When gender is simply a social construct but there’s also an oppressed gender that needs incentives, nothing makes sense.”

Maybe next time they should think a little bit more forward before passing major legislation.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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