Major Grocery Chain Announces Special Discount for Shoppers 55 and Older for One Day Only

Major Grocery Chain Announces Special Discount for Shoppers 55 and Older for One Day Only

Shoppers who are aged 55 and older are being offered big savings by the nationwide grocer Kroger for one day only on Wednesday, the company has announced.

On Wednesday, the company is offering a 5 percent discount to senior shoppers who visit its locations across the country.

While the discount does not apply to online orders for delivery or pickup, customers who ask their cashiers about the promotion and present a photo ID will be offered a bit of relief from the last couple of years’ skyrocketing prices.

The company said in a statement that it wishes to ease the strain of groceries for some customers.

“At Kroger, we are committed to providing fresh, affordable food for everyone,” Colleen Juergensen, division president, said in a statement obtained by WTHR-TV.

Juergensen added:

“Customers can save throughout the year and across our stores as well as our digital shopping experience.

“This extra discount for our senior shoppers is a great opportunity to ensure our customers can stretch their budgets further and make the holidays a little brighter.”

In another statement about the promotion, Kroger said there are some limitations on the one-day discount.

“Kroger is committed to providing a convenient, affordable and Fresh shopping experience for everyone,” the company said. “This one-day event gives seniors the opportunity to save on pantry staples, fresh produce, household essentials and more when using their Kroger loyalty account.”

The statement added:

“Some exclusions apply, including alcohol, tobacco products, fuel, money orders, taxes, postage stamps, gift cards/certificates, lottery, promotional tickets, CRV, prescriptions, and guest or customer service/fees.”

With Christmas less than two weeks away, prices on everyday goods are wreaking havoc on Americans’ bank accounts.

People are feeling the pinch on basic grocery items as inflation has skyrocketed in recent years.

A young TikTok star named Brian recently shared his anger over grocery store prices in a video that went viral on the app.

After purchasing only five items at Target — cereal, detergent, deodorant, milk and toothbrushes — his total came out to $51.05.


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The young influencer did the math and noted that a senior living on Social Security who bought the same items he did would find themselves “beyond struggling” to survive.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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