Mainstream Critics Trash Chris Pratt’s New Series as ‘Unhinged Right-Wing’ Fantasy, But Viewers Are Loving It

Coming off of the July 4 weekend, film critics could not help themselves from review-bombing Amazon’s “The Terminal List,” going so far as calling it an “unhinged right-wing revenge fantasy.” Normal viewers, however, appear to have a differing opinion on the military TV show. In another instance of the media being out of touch with Americans, the difference between critic and audience enjoyment of the series is telling. Rotten Tomatoes, the most popular review-aggregation website, displays a 38/94 percent difference at the time of this writing. This split difference is not particularly surprising though, as establishment media critics are known for disliking stories that promote American values and masculinity. Actor Chris Pratt, known for playing Star-Lord in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and Andy Dwyer in “Parks and Recreation,” plays a PTSD-stricken Navy SEAL in “The Terminal List.” Similar to shows like “Jack Ryan” and “Jack Reacher,” the plot follows James Reece attempting to unravel a government conspiracy after his team’s failed mission. [firefly_poll] Released on Friday, “The Terminal List” is adapted from Jack Carr’s novel of the same name. The Daily Beast wrote a hit piece on the series, calling it a “wet dream for militia-minded anti-establishment kooks.” The writer continued criticizing the show for “pandering to male red-state viewers with routine references to beer, guns, country music and hunting.”
Entertainment sites, such as Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, followed suit in their negative reviews. Audiences, on the other hand, loved the show for its action and plot twists and called out the critics in their reviews. “Ignore the critics on this one. The story is gripping, and Pratt shows incredible range playing a warrior, friend and family man,” one viewer wrote on Rotton Tomatoes. “Fun, escapism TV that is full of action and suspense. Well acted by Pratt and a great supporting cast. No preachy message here,” another said. “If you like a good action/conspiracy thriller show, then this one is for you. Critics got this one all wrong.”
The show’s Twitter account did not appreciate the critics’ sour reviews either. https://twitter.com/TerminalListPV/status/1545075536078131201?s=20&t=TZ1zaOZLs7vBAzDXZtXW3g Overall, the audience consensus boiled down to not listening “to the liberal quack critics,” as one viewer put it nicely. The show’s backlash made it clear the media won’t stop trashing America any chance it can get. But that didn’t stop “The Terminal List” from becoming the No. 1 television series on Amazon’s streaming service over the holiday weekend.
Considering the show portrays a strong male character as a patriotic soldier, no wonder critics despise it. And that’s all the more reason to watch it. “The Terminal List” is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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