LSU Athletics Official Issues Statement on Anthem Controversy, Doesn’t Help School’s Case

LSU Athletics Official Issues Statement on Anthem Controversy, Doesn’t Help School’s Case

Louisiana State University’s women’s basketball team seems to be digging its hole even deeper with its recent statements after walking off the court before the national anthem was played on Monday.

LSU already has a reputation for being the “heels” — if we can use the pro wrestling term — of women’s college basketball, especially thanks to the combative nature of head coach Kim Mulkey. But the condemnation of the team reached a crescendo Monday when the team was seen walking off the court before the national anthem was played ahead of the team’s crushing loss, knocking LSU out of the tournament.

First of all, Mulkey’s response to questions about why she and her women left the court and were not on hand to stand for the national anthem left much to be desired.

The outspoken coach claimed that she and her team didn’t intentionally spurn the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

But her complete disinterest in the national anthem did not make things any better.

“Honestly, I don’t even know when the anthem was played. We kinda have a routine,” she casually said, waving off criticism.

While Mulkey’s offhanded reply about the national anthem was bad enough, it appears that the school itself has now made matters worse.

A new statement issued on Tuesday shows that the school knows full well that the team always skips the national anthem, and they apparently condone that behavior.

“Our basketball programs have not been on the court for the anthem for the last several seasons. Usually the anthem is played 12 minutes before the game when the team is in the locker room doing final preparations,” LSU Associate AD Cody Worsham said in a statement.

This continued disrespect for our country and our national anthem kicked off even more condemnation of LSU.

“In other words, the team has made the intentional choice to not honor their country and the opportunities it affords them,” X user Ben Hogan said, adding, “Instead, their pre-game preparation takes precedence over our [National] Anthem.”

Gavin Adams also jumped to his X account and wondered why LSU thinks it is so special that it doesn’t have to adjust its pre-game preparations like very other team does.

John Carnham just wondered if the school’s statement was supposed to be some sort of defense.

Perhaps it is fitting that LSU lost to the Iowa Hawkeyes and their star player, Caitlin Clark, and was tossed out of the March Madness tournament. If the national anthem so upsets the Tigers’ “preparation” time, well, now that they are out of the tournament, they don’t have to worry about it at all!

Still, the team may have put a target on itself back at home. After snubbing the national anthem once again — but this time in such a public way — Louisiana’s Republican Gov. Jeff Landry jumped up to demand that the school require its athletes on all teams to be present for the national anthem. Looks like Mulkey and LSU’s administrators just made themselves a bigger target than ever.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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