Live Tarot Card Reading on Fox News Has Ex-Psychic Sounding the Alarm: ‘You’ve Opened Demonic Doors’

Live Tarot Card Reading on Fox News Has Ex-Psychic Sounding the Alarm: ‘You’ve Opened Demonic Doors’

So it’s come to this.

Fox News has moved from people like Republican insider and former George W. Bush advisor Karl Rove for political insight to seeking predictions from a psychic.

I’m not kidding. It actually happened.

While doing it with grinning skepticism, Fox host Jesse Watters recently hosted British psychic Paula Roberts to make predictions about presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

“I would like, Paula, for you to give me a reading on President Trump,” Watters challenged.

Using a tarot card, Roberts coyly looked at the camera. “Uh oh!” she said.

“Uh oh?” echoed Watters. “What is that?” as the camera showed a singular card with a macabre person in a full-length black gown.

“I mean, I do recognize I’m on Fox TV,” Roberts giggled as she made her prediction about Trump: “A sense of loss.”


I can’t believe I’m writing this. What happened to you, Fox News? And throughout it all, Watters saw it as a joke.

But it wasn’t, according to Jenn Nizza in an interview on CBN. “It’s really demonic.”

Roberts is not a charlatan, according to Nizza, but is a veteran in the psychic world. “She takes it very seriously … She is a real diviner.”

As CBN host Billy Hallowell recounted Nizza’s background as a professional psychic, he asked her response to seeing such things on a news show.

“I’m just thinking about people out there like my parents that are sitting home, and they’re retired and they’re watching Fox News, and then they’re being exposed to divination, and I thank God that my parents know that it’s wrong because of my life and my testimony,” Nizza said.

“But many people are not aware and may think it’s entertainment. And I was really disappointed to see a news program pushing this out there and even making light of it,” she said.

Discussing tarot cards used in the Fox program, she said the card is a simple object. “That card is a piece of cardboard with a painting on it that has no knowledge about you, has no wisdom in your life, has no power to do anything.

“But the demonic forces that you’re now inviting because you’re practicing divination, you’re seeking those cards for esoteric knowledge,” she said.

“So you have entered into divination, opened demonic doors, and it’s the demonic entities that are providing the information through the … interpretations in the little books that come with the tarot cards,” according to Nizza.

“And then the psychic themselves are receiving extra information clairvoyantly while they are doing these readings. But those cards know nothing about you.”

Nizza said that when she was a psychic she had a high rate of accuracy. Demons have a high — but never perfect — prediction rate because they are able to observe and make deductions from human behavior.

Halloway asked Nizza about her motives for her web site Ex-Psychic Saved. “Winning souls,” she replied.

”God in his grace set me free out of this 10 years ago.

“And I am on fire for Jesus,” she continued. “I cannot stand seeing people demonically oppressed. I cannot stand seeing people deceived by the devil.

“It’s everywhere. I see it. I know it. I lived it. And I’m here to warn other people about it.”

Given Nizza’s conviction and testimony, it’s obvious Fox News should forget the bad path it recently took.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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