Library Director Gets the Boot After Allegedly Disrupting Kirk Cameron, ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Reading Event

The director of a Nashville area library has been removed from his position after his staff disrupted a kid’s story hour sponsored by actor Kirk Cameron, former college swimmer Riley Gaines, and “Duck Dynasty” personality Missy Robertson. The Sumner County Library Board voted 4-3 on Wednesday to dump Hendersonville Public Library director Allan Morales from his job in the near northeastern suburb of Nashville, according to WTVF-TV. Morales was removed after those involved in the event planned by Cameron and crew told fans and the media that the director’s staff walked around the area where the story hour was being held yelling, slamming books, playing loud music, and making purposefully disruptive noises during Cameron’s event which is a response to the hundreds of drag queen events being held in libraries across the nation. Supporters of the left-wing library staff claimed that the accusations that they purposefully disrupted Cameron’s event spurred “harassment” and even “death threats” toward them after the event was concluded. Sumner County commissioner Tim Jones, a Republican, also defended Morales saying that the director was not one of the staffers who disrupted the event. But Morales lost his job regardless. After all, he was the man in charge of the staffers who tried to ruin the event. Still, the behavior of the staff was shockingly unprofessional, according to statements made after the event by “Duck Dynasty” cast member Missy Robertson. Missy made her comments about the event in a podcast released on March 9 by her husband, Jase, and her father-in-law and famed “Duck Dynasty” cast member Phil Robertson. Missy noted that the library initially tried to cancel the event and force Cameron and crew to hold the event elsewhere, claiming that it grew too large for the library. Public pressure, though, forced the library to reverse that cancellation. But Missy claimed that the attempted cancellation had nothing to do with the Hendersonville Public Library being unable to cope with a “large-scale event.” On the podcast, she “described how staff members made loud noises and played music from behind the front desk after they had asked for about a minute of quiet to record their videos,” Fox News reported at the time.
Missy added that when they asked the staff to give them a few minutes of quiet to record their video, the staffer replied, “We’re just trying to look for things to deal with our stress.” “Stre- … what stress? … We’re just standing there with a camera doing a marketing video,” Missy stated. “That’s when I turned my phone on. I started recording. I was like, ‘This is blatant and ridiculous.'” Missy also claimed that the now-fired Morales was unaware of who actor and Christian activist Kirk Cameron was as they were planning the event and after they all saw an outpouring of interest for the event in the community. “When they scheduled to have this function at the library, there was so much outpouring, great response from the community, that the guy that was running the library could not believe,” she said, adding, “He was like, ‘Whoever y’all are, y’all must be great, because this is the most we’ve ever had from a public event. Like, this is going to be awesome, whoever this Kurt Cameron guy is.'” But by the time the event came near, the director and his staff’s attitude evinced a major shift. Even as people began showing up for the event, the library refused to allow them to enter the building and forced parents and kids to stand outside in the cold, Missy said. “Not only were they rude to us … they were just super rude to their entire community that lived there in Hendersonville, Tennessee, because that is a public library and they could have invited all those people that were standing out in the rain to come and form lines inside the library, down the aisles, sit on the ground,” Missy explained. “We weren’t even reading in the library part, we were down the hall in a conference room. They wouldn’t let them in. They made them stand outside in the freezing cold with their children in the rain. Total rudeness to me,” she said. Others involved in the event agreed that the staff was very rude and did their level best to disrupt the reading hour event and to make it harder on Cameron and his guests. Meanwhile, libraries across America are happily helping to host drag queen story hour events and not one of them is working to prevent the radical LGBT activists from holding their events to groom children for their movement. But, boy, oh boy, let’s not have a few Christian-themed events. That is cause for disruption and unprofessionalism, despite the support of the very community these libraries are supposed to be serving. Regardless of his personal participation, now ex-director Morales is paying the price for his staffers and their alleged disruption of an event that was not only wholeheartedly supported by the community, but should have been one of the least controversial events of the year. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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