Did LGBT Sen Just Frame Charlie Kirk? People Notice 2 Potentially Devastating Details in Pic of ‘Threat’ Sen Posted

A California lawmaker has lashed out at Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk after Kirk attacked the lawmaker’s legislative projects as being too soft on criminals who prey on children. But what separates this from the mass of clashing opinions on social media is that allegations are flying from some Twitter sleuths that there might be a dose of fakery in the outrage. The lawmaker in question is Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener, a progressive mentioned as a possible successor to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she retires from Congress, who threw both Kirk and Twitter under the bus in his message. “Not even 24 hours after MAGA grifter Charlie Kirk tweeted homophobic lies about me, I received this threat repeating one of his lies. But that was the point: Riling people up against me & other LGBTQ people. Words have consequences & Twitter is becoming a cesspool for this crap,” Wiener posted, attaching an image of what he claimed was a threat. Weiner followed that up to explain the typographical marks in the image of the message text that critics said were proof this was a fake — the image of a cursor and underlines beneath some words that were spell-checked. “And for all the MAGA conspiracy theorists out there, the threat was a voicemail. This is a transcription. But have fun spinning around with your conspiracies,” Wiener, who is openly gay, wrote.

WARNING: The following tweet contains vulgar language that some readers may find offensive.

But many on Twitter said this was hardly the threat Wiener made it out to be. On Tuesday, Kirk issued a series of tweets about Wiener and his legislative record. [firefly_poll] “Thousands of pedophiles in California are going free after just a few months in jail, thanks to the state’s radically reduced penalties for child molestation. One reason so many of these predators are going free so early is California lawmaker Scott Wiener,” he wrote. “That name and photo might ring a bell. Wiener is one of the most effective lawmakers in the entire country. He’s behind California’s new law that will protect parents who kidnap their children and take them to California to receive mutilating surgeries.” “Wiener was also behind California’s law lowering penalties for intentionally spreading HIV to other people, and their law creating a third “nonbinary” gender for government documents. If there’s some horrifying idea related to modern gender and sex ideology, Wiener has probably written and passed a bill about it in California,” Kirk wrote. “If elected Republicans cared as much about their voters’ concerns as Scott Wiener cares about freeing pedophiles and mutilating children, they’d have won total victory long ago,” Kirk wrote. Wiener said he is the victim. “LGBTQ leaders around the country are under attack by toxic, far-right ideologues and elected officials. These MAGA talking heads — whose party performed far worse than expected in the midterm elections — have no meaningful policy solutions for the issues facing our country. Instead, they are focused on slandering and demonizing gay and trans people and using us as scapegoats,” Wiener said in a statement Wednesday, according to KNTV. “Charlie Kirk is a prime example of this type of extremist right-wing grifter, and he joined Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene in tweeting about me repackaged versions of centuries-old homophobic lies. Kirk and Greene are leading a movement to slander gay men and trans people as ‘pedophiles’ and ‘groomers,’ and these heinous words have consequences,” he continued. The Western Journal has reached out to Wiener’s office for comment but had not received a response at the time of publication. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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