‘Let Me Finish’ – Pete Buttigieg Torched by CNBC Host Live On Air After He Defends Biden’s Handling of Border Crisis

‘Let Me Finish’ – Pete Buttigieg Torched by CNBC Host Live On Air After He Defends Biden’s Handling of Border Crisis

A CNBC segment that aired on Tuesday morning was rare in that it offered a member of the country’s establishment media blowing the whistle on the malarkey being shoveled out of Joe Biden’s White House.

During a terse exchange with the empty suit who calls himself Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, network host Joe Kernen refused to allow the Biden administration to blame the border crisis on former President Donald Trump.

Kernen actually interrupted the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, numerous times while the 42-year-old tried to spin the crisis and virtue signal his boss’ supposed love for humanity.

The “Squawk Box” host reminded Buttigieg that his boss and others in the White House suddenly became concerned about the never-ending flow of people and drugs into the country through the open border.

He grew frustrated as his guest refused to acknowledge that President Joe Biden’s messaging on the border sparked a flood of migration that has destabilized much of the country and that acting now on the issue is political.

“The whole move to try to come up with [a solution] by the administration … that didn’t come until it became clear it was going to be a major campaign issue, and only then did the Biden administration get interested,” Kernen said.

“Every time I hear those talking points –,” Kernen said but was cut off by Buttigieg.

“Well, let’s be clear, though,” Buttigieg interjected.

Kernen cut in and took back control of the interview.

“Let me finish first,” he said. “Every time we hear those talking points, it’s suddenly, ‘It was Republicans who ruined the border.’”

Kernen continued, “That’s why people get so frustrated. We know what President Biden said about inviting people in. We know that he got rid of all the things that were keeping the border closed that President Trump had put in. We know that he got rid of all those. So when you say it’s not his fault –.”

Buttigieg again cut the host off.

“It’s literally not true,” he said as Kernen protested his rude interruption. “He got rid of family separation.”

Kernen wasn’t interested in Buttigieg’s recycling of the White House’s talking immigration points and surprisingly held Buttigieg’s feet to the fire.

“Did you see 7.2 million people come in during the Trump administration?” Kernen pressed Buttigieg through repeated interruptions. “[Immigration] was a trickle at that point.”

The oh-so-virtuous Buttigieg then tried to appeal to Kernen’s emotions during a drug and human smuggling epidemic that is costing countless people their lives, jobs, freedom and dignity daily.

“He got rid of the policy to tear children out of the arms of their parents,” Buttigieg claimed as if Biden’s policies didn’t just tear Georgia nursing student Laken Riley from the arms of her parents after she was murdered last month allegedly by a foreign national who entered the country through the southern border.

“This is part of the problem with why there is a disconnect, I think,” Kernen said in an attempt to highlight that the White House is alienating voters.

Buttigieg dodged talking about Biden’s decision last year to bring about an end to Title 42, which kept people who made asylum claims in Mexico during the pandemic.

The inept Biden cabinet official had no rebuttal for Kernen’s reminder that American communities are now under siege in many communities by the millions of people Democrats hope to replace them with.

The border is, as Kernen said, one of the top issues facing Americans as they prepare to vote in November.

The issue is so big that even CNBC hosts can no longer ignore it and let members of Biden’s cabinet lie about it on their shows.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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