Leftist ‘Scientific’ Rag Exploits Damar Hamlin’s Health Scare, But NFL Legend Has Only 2 Words for It

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” Rahm Emmanuel once said in 2008, bastardizing the famous Winston Churchill quote. That quote has really been the crux of the far left in America, and it’s easy to see why: There’s no more effective time to emotionally blackmail people than in the immediate aftermath of a crisis when emotions and tensions are running high. The latest example of this leftist doctrine comes from the wildly inaccurately named “Scientific American,” which produced an opinion piece that aimed to exploit Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin. In case you were unaware, Hamlin suffered a terrifying cardiac arrest episode from the final Monday Night Football game of the regular season. He has since made big strides in his recovery. While some outlets, like (surprisingly) ESPN, offered the power of prayer, “Scientific American” opted to offer up a race-baiting article steeped in unscientific biases and prejudices. Titled “Damar Hamlin’s Collapse Highlights the Violence Black Men Experience in Football,” and written by a Tracie Canada, this article is the vile, leftist dreck you would expect it to be, based on that title alone. Some choice excerpts: “This ordinary violence has always riddled the sport and it affects all players. But black players are disproportionately affected,” Canada wrote. She immediately poked a hole in that argument by noting that “non-white players account for 70 percent of the NFL.” So, yes, more black players are affected by more injuries because of the raw math of it. “Further, through a process called racial stacking, coaches racially segregate athletes by playing position,” Canada continued. She cited this “study” to describe “racial stacking,” which is a term that no football person has ever used. The entire study appeared to ignore the fact that football is a meritocracy, and coaches will play the best players at positions that most help them succeed, lest the coach gets fired. “On these playing fields, ones that sociologist Billy Hawkins would argue are never theoretically far from plantation fields, financial stakeholders value black bodies for their productive potential and physical prowess,” Canada wrote. Yes, we’ve heard the plantation fields analogy before, and no, it still doesn’t make a lick of sense given that not a single pro athlete is being held at gunpoint to play. They can just as easily get a job at Starbucks. And the kicker (particularly for a rag that calls itself “scientific”): “While I am not aware of research that compares the rate of injury between black and white football players, heatstrokes, ACL and labrum tears, ankle sprains, bone breaks, and concussions are just a few of the consequences of how these bodies are used,” Canada writes, admitting that she doesn’t actually have any actual research to back her spurious claims. That’s all frustrating and nonsensical, so it was nice to see someone call them out on it. And it’s not just any “someone,” it’s an NFL Hall of Fame coach and former player, who happens to be black. Tony Dungy, an unabashed Christian and man of faith, pretty succinctly described that entire article in just two words: absolutely ridiculous. It doesn’t take much to see that Dungy is spot on with his assessment. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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