Left-Wing Journalists Purged from Twitter – Elon Musk Announces How Things Will Work Going Forward

Twitter suspended several left-wing media figures from the service on Thursday night. The suspended accounts included those of Washington Post reporter Drew Harwell, the New York Times’ Ryan Mac and progressive blogger Aaron Rupar. The suspensions appeared to stem from the posting of content related to @ElonJet, a Twitter account that tracked the movements of Twitter owner Elon Musk’s private jet in real time. That account was suspended from Twitter earlier this week, but some users shared content from the operation’s presence on other social media sites. Musk tweeted that the suspended accounts had broken the platform’s rules on doxing — publicizing sensitive, private information about an individual and potentially exposing the person to harm. The megabillionaire said they had shared what amounted to “assassination coordinates” in direct violation of Twitter’s terms of service. Musk indicated that journalists would be held to the same terms of service as other users on Twitter under his administration after the temporary bans. Twitter’s new owner indicated the accounts would be allowed to return to the platform after seven days. Also suspended Thursday night was Keith Olbermann, a progressive extremist known for targeting his political opponents with threatening rants on Twitter. Musk said Olbermann would be restored on Twitter after serving a seven-day suspension. “Some time away from Twitter is good for the soul,” he said. Twitter’s terms of service prohibit doxing. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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